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I have a 16 month daughter. For Christmas we got her a toddler bed. My intention had been to get it for the holiday, but wait a couple of months to set it up when she'd be ready for it. My husband, however, was excited by it. He put it up the day my daughter unwrapped it, took down the crib and packed that away to storage.

Since then we've had problems with her sleeping in the bed. While she seems to like it during the day and she's playing on it, she is scared of it for bedtime and naps. Unless she's completely asleep before being put in the bed she will cry and leave the bed. I know this behavior is normal for her age and where she's developmentally, but its leaving me with little sleep (since my husband sleeps through almost anything including her crying.) The last few nights she's been not taking that long of naps in the afternoon (she's down to 1 nap a day), waking up an hour or two before the alarm and not returning to sleep even when I get up to rock her.

Should we go backwards to the crib because she's not ready for the bed? This would include a lot of work to haul the crib back from storage which is a few miles away. Or should we leave the bed up and let her grow into it?

Also, should I close the door to her room at night and for a time for her naps in the afternoon or should I go into help settle her down again? I've not liked the cry-it-out method when she was a baby, but I also can't continue to short myself sleep since I go to work as well for part-time in the mornings. I know that her learning to fall asleep on her own is a valuable skill, but so is being able to trust her parents.



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If you weren't having these sleeping issues before taking down the crib.... put it back up. She doesn't sound ready and it's not worth the battle and loss of sleep.

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This is clearly my opinion but she's too young to be in a bed...even if it's a transitional one. Get the crib back but leave the bed up. Use the bed for naps but crib for nightime sleep. She is too young to understand that she must stay in the bed. If you force this you could really screw up her whole sleep pattern for a long time to come.


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Joy - posted on 01/05/2011




We live in a 2 bedroom apartment. There isn't room for both of them. That's why there's storage. They also use the same mattress.

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