Transitioning to normal infant formula from hypoallergenic formula (Puraminoa+) at 6 months?

Shawna - posted on 12/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




We've discovered my son was allergic to cows milk protein when he was about 2 week's old, while we were in the hospital for prolonged jaundice. He suddenly had mucousy blood in his stools.., (from the dairy I've consumed while breastfeeding) so it was either a strict dairy free diet for me or smelly potato infant formula for him. I tried the diet for a week, as I had to be extra cautious for milk ingredients, what the hell, almost everything I tried to eat had some sort of milk ingredients. So finally o decoded to go with the formula. There's not even any sweet taste to it! Annnnnyyyyyywaaaaaay, my doctor said to try him on normal infant formula at 6 month to see if he still has the allergy, he's going to six month in 6 days. Unfortunately I couldn't get an appt before the holidays to discuss how this is going to work with my doctor. I was wondering if I could just go out and buy a can of formula and try it? Do I just put him back on his regular puramimo formula if his stools become bloody again? Do I have to be close to a hospital in case of a serious allergic reaction? Or do I just wait to discuss it with my doctor! Has anyone ever had to go through with this with their little ones?


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