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I currently like in the UK but in April we're moving to Texas and need to buy a new car seat for my 17 month old daughter. I want to buy her a convertible car seat (the Britax Marathon, fits 5lbs-65lbs, about $220) My thinking is that she can use this seat for the next year or so until we have our second child (we're planning for 2012) then we can get her a booster type seat and the new baby can use the Marathon. My husband would rather get a cheaper car seat for our daughter and then buy a brand new travel system for our next child. We have a travel system we used when our daughter was an infant and we liked being able to easily transfer the car seat from the car to the buggy without disturbing the baby. So my husband wants the travel system so it'll be easier to take the baby in and out of the car, but I think it's a waste of the buggy we already have. I want to bring that with us, and then just unbuckle the new baby from the car seat and place them in the buggy when we're out. Any thoughts on this? Is it a pain to have to transfer an infant from their car seat to their stroller when you're out and about?


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One thing to check on, is that you plan to move your older daughter into a booster seat within the next year. In Ohio, the law states that a child can't be moved to a booster seat til she is 4 and 40lbs.
I personally used my travel system quite a bit, and don't know how I would have gotten along without it. I have a very bad back from working in a nursing home for over 7 years, and can't walk around very long while carrying my baby (even in the baby bjorn). Also, one really nice thing is that if the baby is asleep, you don't have to wake him/her up every time you want to go into a store.

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Bittany, we can't bring the car seat that came with our travel system because we bought it here in the UK and the US requires you use an American car seat...

Those are good points about the infant carriers. We also have a Baby Bjorn that we used for our daughter, maybe we'll be using that more often with our second child! I think it'll be a completely different lifestyle raising our second child in the states to raising our first here. We live in London so our buggy was our life line! We walk everywhere, take public transportation (bus, train, etc) and only use the car about once a week here. So it's really interesting to hear what moms who get in and out of the car a lot think about this...

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I think travel systems and baby buckets are basically a waste of money. Much better to get a convertible seat that your child can use for the whole of its lifespan (I mean the seat's lifespan, not the child's, LOL).

But then, I can count the number of times we actually put the carseat in the "travel system" stroller or took the carseat out of the car with the baby in it on the fingers of both hands, whereas I see people (inexplicably) shlepping around these HUGE strollers and VERY HEAVY baby buckets all the time in situations where it seems like a sling or snugli or ergo or something would be infinitely more practical, so I'm thinking my opinion on this may not be a popular one :) It probably is a pain to transfer a baby from the carseat to the stroller every time you get out of the car, if you go a lot of places by car and if you use a stroller. We don't go a lot of places by car (although we did actually *own* a car when DD was a baby, which we no longer do) and we rarely used a stroller -- if we did go somewhere by car, we would take the baby out of the carseat and carry or sling her -- so for us a convertible carseat would, in hindsight, have made MUCH more sense. But we got the travel system as a gift from the in-laws, and they meant well, so what can you do?

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What happened to the infant seat that came with your last travel system? I see it as a waste of money to buy a whole new system. It was nice to have it when my daughter was very little, but once she could sit up we stopped putting the infant seat in the stroller. I liked having the seat for resturants as I found that even with a sling it was hard to hold her and eat (although my sling was a bit small for me).

I found that even with the infant seat that the cold air or just the movement of the seat woke my daughter up.

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