Traveling with a 1 year old...any suggestions?

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I live in central Indiana & my dad lives in Jacksonville, Florida. My son is a year old and hasn't met his grandpa yet so we decided to take a trip there over spring break, but its a 12 hour drive. We think we are going to leave around Emmett's bedtime so that he sleeps most of the way. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

What should we use for bug repellent once we get there? He has sensitive skin...


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You can use citronella patches. They are small square stickers (with sth like bubbles on the center) and you rub them and place them anywhere near the baby. Also, a fly net would protect him during his bed time or when he sleeps in his bassinet.
Have a nice time!

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hey kaitlyn, i think its great idea to travel during his bedtime... im sure there are many off the counter meds that can be used as bug repellants, also u can apply excessive baby oil to keep him safe from bugs... keep only the essentials handy, just keep an extra pair of pj's or dress clothes(whatever u want ur folks to see him in), 2 burp cloths, atleast 4 diapers and wipes and an extra shirt for urself in case he soils ur clothes...have fun

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Rebecca- listerine? wow..i never would've thought of that lol he always fall asleep as soon as we start driving...i only hope that the trip won't mess up his sleep schedule! we just got it back to normal! :\
Leanne - unfortunately, my dad lives in a really swampy area of Florida, so there are LOTS of bugs! i don't want to put it on him, but i think it would be worse not to... thanks for the banana's thing tho :)

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traveling at their bed time is the best time.... i found that with my daughter... we go to NY from PA and its about an 8 hour drive depending on traffic...but yes taking her own back pack came in really handy in the car cause she could go through and play with toys... plus you can keep an extra set of clothes in it so if you need um you have um and dont have to over load the diaper bag......

not sure about the bug repellant i didnt use any on my daughter last year so .... but i know avon and walmart carry some good brands.....

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It's a good thing that you are leaving at bedtime lol. He will sleep most of the way. When he is awake just make shure you stop every hour or so, so he can get out and stretch his legs. keep him occupied with toys and little games. There are plenty luck.of insect repellents you can get from the pharmacy for babies with sensitive skin. Good

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I would pack a little backpack just for him.. Fill it with toys, snacks, juice boxes (or a drink in a reusable container).. You could also even go and buy him an inexpensive toy for him to open on the trip for being good.

Errm.. I personally wouldn't use bug repellent on a kid so little.. When outside (like in the backyard, or on the deck) make sure there is one of those citronella candles lit (or other bug repellent candle thing), cover up his arms and legs.. If it is hot out make sure he wears 100 percent cotton (if you are going to do the long sleeves and pants idea) and super light. Also, make sure he doesn't eat bananas.. Misqetoes love those.

However, if you want to use bug repellent I would just go to your local supermarket and look for one for kids that have sensitive skin. You could also go to a health food store and see what products they might have.

Google is a great place to find reviews on these sorts of things. :)

Rebecca - posted on 02/08/2010




I think that leaving during his sleeping time is great!!! Is he usually a good sleeper in the car? If so he should be fine!!! Maybe a break here and there!!!

As for the bug brother inlaw is deathly allergic to whatever they put in most bug sprays and so his whole family (and us if we are there) use listerine mouth wash in a spray bottle!! They swear by it!!! I don't know how that would be on you little ones skin but its probably less harsh then the bug spray. Otherwise, i would check with a pharmacy and ask them what they would recommend!!!!!!

I hope you have a great trip and good luck!!!!!

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