Traveling with my six month old baby

Natalie Savir De - posted on 04/07/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, i would love to get some tips from moms that flew with their kids so lillte. what im worried about is on the plain that he will get sick. any advice would be very appreaciated. thanks.


Ledia - posted on 04/07/2015




We traveled a good bit with our son when he was little. Our most common problem was pain in his ears when the plane took off and landed--babies do not know how to "pop" their ears. To avoid tears, make sure you are feeding the baby during take off and landing--the sucking action pops their ears. You can also give him a pacifier (dummy) to suck on, but feeding always worked better for us.
When holding my son on a flight, I liked to wear a baby sling--they are cooler and easier to get in and out of than wraps or harness holders, but they still free up your hands while keeping baby close.
For longer flights (4+ hours), we bought an extra ticket for him and brought a small car seat or carrier.

Make sure you have at least twice as many diapers and twice as much milk (if you are bottle feeding) as you think you will need. Dress him in very light layers and bring a blanket--you can never tell how the temperature will be on a plane and if he gets hot, he will be VERY FUSSY. Also, pack at least 2 changes of clothes for him in your carry on in case he leaks.


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Michelle - posted on 04/07/2015




I traveled from Perth-Sydney-Johannesburg-Durban (24hours all up) when my oldest was 5 months old and he was fine.
Why are you worried he will be sick? Most parents worry that they will be noisy. Mine slept for most of the trip. Just make sure you have enough to feed him (if you're not Breastfeeding) to last the trip and also if you have some delays.

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