travelling 27hrs with a 6months old baby.advice!!!

Pam - posted on 03/21/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




i wil be travelling for 27hours alone with my daughter nd i really do yall advise as to what to take/bring with me,foood for the baby nd other advice flying with a 6mnths for such hours.i hv never been sooo nervous nd scared lke this.please any advise will b much appreciated


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Doreen - posted on 03/22/2011




Pack clever and never sway from your babies routine! Try to have everything pre-measured and easily accessible. Pack for no less than 2 days if you have to for one day. A person never knows and the last thing you want is to be stuck with a crying hungry baby. Remember the trip to the airport, at the airport, and then on the other side getting off collectin luaguage adds on a good few hours. Make a list and tick it.
If your baby is on formula milk - premeasure the boiled water in bottles, well sealed and the formula in seperate container (pre-measured). Don't rely on anyone to help you - that way you will be better prepared.
Please get of those nappy bags to dispose of your baby's nappy - I once had to sit behind a woman who was o so nat-u-ral on a 12 hour flight who changed her baby just before lunch and kept the dirty nappy in the baby bag in front of us.... it was good for my figure but so bad for my mood. Be prepare for those loo's in which you can hardly turn never mind change the baby's nappy. GO in with minimal but the nessasary. Loads of wipes, 2 nappies (incase you break one :) or else your champion poo'er poo's again)... LOL these things happen. I think you'll be fine if you pack cleverly. Try and get one of those "kanga" pouches if you don't have one - that free's up your hands. Good Luck - remember the babies ears when the plane lands and takes off - let her suck on something that helps alot. Take a small "emergency bag" for fever, cut, teething. Good luck and Hope you guys have a great trip - you can use the time to bond.

Amanda - posted on 03/22/2011




Just relax. I travelled from Sydney to London with my son when he was 14 months old and I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter. My son is extremely active and I think we walked what felt like most of the way. I was lucky in that he slept alot of the way which made it easier on me. The airline allowed us to take our own milk on and we were able to heat it up when needed. I used satchets of formula that were premeasured and prepacked so I just opened a packet when I needed it. I hated to do it (as I always made my own foods) but I took on jars or tins of food/custard that sort of thing as well as snacks like rice crackers. As long as its sealed and you throw away what you haven't used once opened I don't see it being a problem.
Travelling on your own the cabin crew should be very helpful and I found that the people I was sitting next to were more than happy to entertain and lend a hand every now and then.

Louise - posted on 03/22/2011




Make sure you walk around with your baby every couple of hours to keep the circulation going. If you are formula feeding I am not sure how you will get around the strict rules when going through the airport. You maybe able to buy premade bottles once you have passed through security. Check with the airline if they provide baby food on board, do they provide cots? I think if you find out from the airline how they treat babies with things like heating milk and food you will know what to expect and your fears will be squashed. it will not be an easy trip and you will be exhausted so try and get as much rest as possible and make sure when you get off the other end that you have some help for the baby so you can sleep.

just remember to have your babies favourite toys and remember a dummy and blanket for sleeping. Also baby will feel a little stiff to so if you can find a place where she can crawl for a minute or two all the better. Good luck I hope the trip is worth all the worry!

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