treating kids for lice when they don't have lice....?

Emilie - posted on 11/01/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son went to his dads house this weekend and when he came back I was informed that he had lice and his sister (my ex's sister) had treated my son for lice and that he had caught the lice from me! This made me mad, but I haven't said anything. I don't have lice, I have a scalp condition that makes my head itch, and I think my son might have it too. I look in my sons hair all the time and I know that he did not have lice. I am so tired of my ex's family thinking they are so much smarter and better than me. My ex has also informed me that he does not want me to take my kids to church anymore or go anywhere or do anything that is affiliated with a church or christian organization. My ex's parents tell him what to do and then he tries to tell me what to do. Its like his family is trying to control me trough him. And like everytime I run into one of his family members out somewhere the cause me problems and try to start an argument out in the middle of wal-mart. I am sick of this! I feel like I can't do anything or go anywhere because somebody that is related to my ex or one of his friends might see me and go tell him something.


Katherine - posted on 11/01/2011




Sounds like he's not too smart. If it where lice you could SEE the eggs. They are white round ones.
What a dork.

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