Tristian is starting to bite, how can I get him to stop this?


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Jenn - posted on 08/07/2010




If a toddler, is it out of frustration? teething (cutting back teeth)? First know it is very common and no child bites forever. Determining what is occuring that is causing the biting is the best way to stop it. A lot of times the child does not realize it hurts the other person because it feels good particularly if they are teething. Having cool teething rings and maybe working on some sign language can help the child eliminate discomfort and frustration. Hang in there! Every mom has had an experience with this at some time and it doesn't mean we are bad mommys because our little ones bite. :)

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How old is he? Assuming he is in the toddler stage and not the infant stage I would bite him back the next time he bit me. Typically it only takes one or 2 times and they stop. You are going to get a lot of moms that freak out and tell you try timeout etc... Kids around the toddler stage are much more developed in the sensory area than they are in the cognitive area....So "Tristian sweetie when you bite it hurts" is not going to work as well as showing him.

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