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My 16 yr old son is a great kid.. But he is my problem child.. So stubborn, Doesn't care about school, Now he is suspended.. Been to meeting with his teachers etc still no change.. My other 2 boys complete opposite. No problems at school, so he said.. He is very loved by people, has respect for people he actually likes etc etc

Just school, and laziness care factor 0 attitude at home is the problem?? When he actually does something he does it very well.


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Maybe he's got an underlying issue you aren't aware of?

I would bring him to a councellor so he can talk to a professional.

Does he have consequences for being so uninterested in school? You could take some of his prized items away (not sure what you have but cell phone/game system/computer privilages/seeing friend). You could tell him he needs to improve his school before he can have his privilages back. You could consult with teachers on whether he's putting effort in and things.

Maybe get him a tutor and things? Some kids are perfectionists and if they can't do something perfect they stop trying and don't do it at all. Or maybe he's getting overwhelmed with the assignments and work and is trying to act like he doesn't care because he's having trouble dealing with everything.

There are any number of possible reasons why he's acting like this. I would try to get him into councelling to see if that helps.

Besides that I would also try to talk to him. Ask him upfront, your grades are falling and you aren't participating at school, what's up? See what he has to say and listen (even if you don't agree with his reasons). Try to be understanding and work with what he's saying. If he says he doesn't care, or it's to hard, or he hates his teacher or w/e try to show him that you get that in that situation it must be hard. Ask him how this problem can be solved. What can you and him do about getting his grades up. See if he has a solution to the problems and if they're plausible.

So I would get him some councelling, see if he can come up with a solution, and take away his privilages until he's started focusing on his schoolwork.

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