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Bianca - posted on 07/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My two year old daughter never wants to listen to me when I ask to do her hair she says no when I tell her to let me put her clothes on she says no and when I tell her to be nice and stop hurting everyone she doesn't care she hits I don't know how to Discipline her she's my first baby i tell her time out doesn't work I tell her I'm gonna spank you and she just tries mimicking me and Points her finger at Me advice please ??


Sarah - posted on 07/19/2013




Well if you are asking her and only telling her without following through then nothing is going to work. When you want her to do something DON'T ASK,UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO GET A NO. JUST DO. Time outs do work, but you need to follow through. STOP ASKING HER TO DO THINGS!!! INSTEAD BE THE PARENT AND ENFORCE THE RULES. When she does something like hit, then PUT HER IN TIME OUT......find a spot that is away from people, tv, and toys.....but also where you can check on her....then get down to her level and in a firm voice say"you are in time out for hitting" If she gets up from that spot before 2 mins are done then PUT HER BACK IN THE SPOT WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING. SHE MUST SIT FOR 2 MINS. WITHOUT GETTING UP!! At first you may have to keep putting her in the time out spot. BUT IF YOU KEEP PUTTING HER BACK AND MAKE HER SIT FOR 2 MINS. IT DOES WORK. That does not mean she will not be back in the time out spot for hitting again, but it does mean she is learning the consequences of her actions. She is mimicking you because she knows you don't do anything. If all you give is threats kids learn REALLY fast that THAT MEANS NOTHING.

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