Trouble transitioning at daycare

Amy - posted on 02/20/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I need advice pls. My son began daycare at 18 months, great start loved teachers so loving and friendly great beginning. He transitioned a month ago to older room 24-30 months and it's been awful. Fits at drop off, teachers barely say hello take him smileless. They refuse him his pacifier which he moans for all day, policy of the age group. I disagree my pediatrician even said they turn into thumb and finger suckers its a soothing device allow to keep till he's ready to part with. They not budging. They feed last snack at 3. He's one of last picked up I work till 6 then rush to get to home by time get home it's 7 and he's starved. I've asked for a 5pm snack told nope the last snack is 3. I offered to provide giving him a cereal bar or something seams reasonable but again no. He has never had any behavior issues in other room but now he bites and hits, he mopes around, generally not the same child he's not taking to new room or teachers. Question is do I need to suck it up and embrace these new stages and work with him to transition better is this typical for a 2 year old daycare caregiver? Or is it crazy to deny a toddler a binkie and snack and should I challenge the school on these practices? Help

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