Trouble trying to concieve baby - been trying for over a year

Cyndi - posted on 12/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I have been trying to conceive baby #3 for over a year now (the first two were super easy to conceive). I have recently been to see my OB/Gyn and she said that my ultrasound and blood tests are normal and it looks like I am ovulating. However, I've been unable to track when I am. I've been using apps on my iPhone to track my cycles. I recently started having very heavy long periods. The first day I am bleeding through a super tampon in an hour, then after a bit only 2 hours. The first few days are so heavy, and then the rest of the period starts to lighten up. I usually have one day in the middle where the bleeding stops and then the next day comes back heavy for the last few days. It stresses me out because I constantly am worried about bleeding through.

My doctor suggested going on birth control for a bit to regulate my cycle, and hopefully lighten it up again. I can't go on a regular one though because of my history with migraines with auras. I've been put on a progesterone only pill. I am anxious because I keep thinking that we are just losing time trying for another baby, but wonder if I need to regulate my cycle more to even have a chance.

She said I could stop taking the pill when even I want. I only started it yesterday. Any advice?


Loraine - posted on 12/18/2012




My periods were exactly like yr describing while i had the copper coil fitted. When we decided to try for baby because of this & due to my age (43) I did some research on herbal remidies etc... & started taking sea kelp & mother to be pills. I had my coil removed on Oct 8th & think I concieved on Nov 12th. Found out I was pregnant Nov 27th. Not sure if pills helped or I was just lucky.

good luck xxx

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