Trouble weaning baby from breastfeeding! Advice much appreciated!

Ashlee - posted on 04/16/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello Mommies!

I have been attempting to wean my 12 month old son from breastfeeding but have had little success. He uses a sippy cup for juice and water but refuses to use one for breastmilk or even whole milk. For the most part he nurses at night and before naps, but mostly at night. My daughter weaned herself at about 10 months because I got pregnant with my second (who I am still currently nursing) so I never had this issue.

Thanks in advance,


Natalie - posted on 04/16/2016




Hi Ashlee,

I breastfed my son until he was 12 1/2months. I started weaning him a month before he turned a year old. He started off with a bottle first then I went for the sippy cup for a month in a half. Or try feeding him with a spoon with some of your breastmilk and baby rice cereal if he can eat already. At first my son didn't take either of them but then he didn't have a choice because I kept telling him if you don't then you will be hungry. He will eventually get hungry and want milk. Since my son was teething, I gave him a little baby biscuit or some gerber food but thats it. He might cry until he gets what he wants but don't give in until he knows that he can't have the breast anymore. My son was very smart by that age. He knew what was going on and he would whine until he got my breast but know your boundaries and be strong about it. You'll do perfectly fine. It will take time but eventually he will start weaning. Just keep him distracted and he will probably forget about it someway. I hope this helps! If you are not sure about what I said pls consult with your son's pediatrician first before anything. Best wishes to you and your son!


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