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Heather - posted on 01/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is just about two and I moved her into her big girl bed about 3 weeks ago. The first couple weeks went fine, she got to the point where she was falling asleep in less than 10min. She goes to sleep in her bed, then comes to sleep with me later in the night. I breast fed until she was 14 months, so we've always done this. About a week ago she woke up at night with a high fever, then the next night I was sick, so sleep got a little stressful and messed up. Now that we're both feeling better, our bedtime routine is still a big mess. She now has decided that getting out of bed is a game and actually leaves the room and runs back to bed laughing when I come to take her back to bed. It takes me an hour to get her to bed and in the end I usually end up sitting there holding her hand until she falls asleep. I don't know how to make her understand she needs to stay in bed and go to sleep, cause we were already there and now we've gone backwards :s Any advice? Also, it seems I am her "safety toy", she has no special toy that she must have at all times. When she is really upset or tired she just sticks her hand in my shirt and plays with my nipples. Anyone else breastfeed to a late age and have this problem?


Stifler's - posted on 01/28/2012




Maybe get her a bear or something. My son thinks bedtime is a game too and I had a new baby when he was 16 months so there is a doorknob cover on the inside of his door so he can't get out and now he knows he can't get out and goes to bed with no crying. After a while we've started leaving the door open a bit while he was going to bed and he's good when we go away and stays on his mattress and sleeps.

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