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Elfrieda - posted on 06/22/2012




Well, let's face it, standing around in a field waiting for a ball that may never come is pretty boring. Maybe he's just not a baseball kind of guy. What about soccer, when little kids play it's all pretty much running around in a pack after the ball, right? That might be more fun for him. :)

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I would think that is fairly normal for that age. My son is two months away from being 6 and he is the same. I have him playing football at the moment (Auskick - which is designed for ages 5 - 8) and he is good for skills practice but when it comes to playing a football match he loses focus and starts to roll around on the ground or wrestle with a mate or just pick at the grass. He isn't the only one, most of his team mates at some stage of the game will do the same thing. Maybe if you are concerned, have a chat with his team's coach. He'll let you know if it is a problem or not. If it is, then perhaps try a sport that keeps him active throughout and doesn't require periods of standing around.

Lee Anne - posted on 06/21/2012




Sorry. new to this site. My son who has trouble when he plays sports such as baseball. The main issue is keeping focus what is happening around him. He would be in field very distracted and I am afraid he will get hurt. He seems to do better at practice but at games with all the people he has a hard time. What is a good sport to try for a child that can not focus

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