Trucker wife needs advising

Sara - posted on 12/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




We argued over the phone.we don't see enough of each other or get to

Talk to be really discouraged and I feel real alone I'm missing support and encouragement .Our hours are all mixed up.Im a stay at home mom and according to him while he works his ass off I sit on mine.pullups are a waiste of money he should be potty trained by now he says.If he's not working to support his family and talks about loosening the dedicated route for me.Im not ungrateful I just don't see where I should have to sacrifice my self respect and feel not good enough.He says he doesn't care what my dearest friend has to say he's being old self careless with my feelings and too busy to ease my mind.I don't see helping as his right too be hostile.I live for my family and I know I need outside support too ill most appreciate it .

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Jodie - posted on 12/11/2012




Wow...Personally if my husband said all that to me he wouldnt have a wife/family to come home to. My husband is a long distance truck driver for 4 yrs now. I am also a stay at home mom of 2 ages 8 & 10. call around and get prices of child care for your child/children, also get a price check on house cleaning including nanny service to take care of your kids while not in daycare. Present these figures to him, tell him if he is willing to pay the price you will be glad to get a job. Seriously.....Being a mom (parent) especially a single parent ( we are like single parents bc the husbands are gone) is a FULL time 24/7 job. I dont get a lot of emotional support from my husband but he doesnt complain about working for us. You are raising his kids and playing the role of both parents. That is your job. He cant work enough or make enough money to pay someone to do your job. I often feel bad bc my husband works all the time , makes all the money and we reap the benefits, the money comes home to us and we enjoy it while he continues to work, but he says its ok, he has a responsibility and he will do what ever it takes. Just refuse to argue with him, tell him that you and the kids love him and appreciate all he does for the family.

You can email me anytime you need someone to talk to @ jodie33169 at yahoo dot com



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