Truth/OR Lie when interrupted during sex?

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My 6 year old nearly walked in on us while having sex. I almost had a heart attack. She asked us what we were doing. I will be honest and I do feel bad but I did lie and told her daddy was in the shower and mommy was having trouble on the toilet. I just feel she's too young for any sort of talk about sex. Was I wrong? Could I have went about the situation a better way? What would you have done/ OR said if you were in my shoes?


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Sherri - posted on 01/25/2012




Nope I would have done the same!! She is far too young for any further information then that.

Sandie - posted on 01/25/2012




Good job coming up with a cover up so fast!! I would have done exactly the same, 6years old isn't old enough to understand or begin to learn about sex, in my opinion anyway.


[deleted account]

it's just funny to me that parents think it's so horrible to lie about sex. if you're not comfortable with talking about it, DON'T! chances are the kid won't be either, or won't want to know anything about it when they're older. if you ARE comfortable talking about it, go ahead, why not?

what will i do if my daughter walks in on us? i have no idea. it depends on how old she is and how the hell she got into our bedroom since we'd probably have made sure she'd gone to bed already or was out of the house or something to that effect. cuz i don't do sex when other people are in the house. i just don't. no drive. is why we let my parents take her for a weekend every once in a while.

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