Try for a girl ?

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I have two boys ages 10 and 6 they will 11 and 7 in less than 30 days... I really want a girl like bad. I have a name picked out, decorations and all. Lol. I am 28. I know I was young. Married and have been for a 7 years.

Issues are we have a three bedroom house And I take care of my sister with a disability. I guess we could afford one, I guess I just wonder if me wanting a girl is my clock or really desire. I hear the feeling never goes away.

How do you know when enough is enough?


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He is happy with or without he was like I would love a new baby but if you think you have enough okay. Guess I should have said have eclampsia when pregnant... Seizures and all. Yes I would love another boy. I already know what to do. No baby 4 for me.... Nope. :) an addition would be fine just costly.

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And will you still love baby #3 if it's a boy? How about baby boy #4?

Have you discussed this with your husband? What are his wishes and desires? Has he expressed an interest in a 3rd child? How would you feel if he does not wish to have any more children? Would you need to move into a larger home, or put an addition on to your home? Are you a SAHM or a working mom?

I have to say that women that linger onto a fantasy hypothetical baby with names and decorations tend to fall into a depression when that fantasy never becomes reality. I highly recommend you have a serious heart to heart talk with your husband. All the best to you.

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