Try to correct a three yr old.

Elizabeth - posted on 12/16/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son just turn three in October. I'm having problems tring to discipline him, When I ask him to do something he deosnt want to do it. When I get upset and rise my voice alittle he laugh and pays me no mind. People around my area says spank him, But they wont result any change if you ask me. I tring to find other ways to get him to listen to what I say and not laugh and act like everything I say is a joke. When he is with his father my son is a perfect angel cause he listen to him and deos what he says. Maybe its just me...but I need help.

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Lissa - posted on 02/07/2011




I agree spanking will not help and in fact will most likely make it worse. Try getting down so you are at eye level with him, tell him in as few words as possible what it is you want him to do. If he doesn't do it get at eye level again, repeat in a firm voice and tell him the consequences (time outs, taking toy away etc) if he doesn't do what you ask then you must follow through.
If you decide to use time out when his time is up you must explain why he was put in time out, ask him to repeat it back to make sure he understands, then have a hug. Reward charts can work well at this age, it's not for everyone but worth a try. Stickers for each thing he has done like brushing teeth with little rewards when he gets to a certain number of stickers, things like crayons or bubbles.
Also encouraging for instance if you want him to pick up his toys you say you pick up those toys I will pick up these ones telling him often he's doing a good job.
At the moment he just isn't taking you seriously, he's testing his boundaries which is completely normal. Just make sure you are consistent and don't get upset about it, if you do you send him mixed messages about what he can get away with.
Good luck.

Serena - posted on 02/07/2011




Maybe he needs a good sound spanking have to instill a healthy fear in your boy, that's how you gain respect. Have a sit down with the child's father and talk it out and/or both parents talk to him..

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If it makes yo feel any better - most kids behave better for other than they do for mum :)

With the discipline thing - experiment to find what he responds to best. For some its timeout for others its negative reinforcement (loss of priveledge/sentimental item for x amount of time) for some its spanking. Just make sure you are consistent, there isalways a consequence for misbehaving and it is relative to the action and never make a threat youdont follow through on. Other great piece of advice I got was to pick your battles - if its not important let it go - that way when you make a deal of something they know you mean it without them breaking a rule everytime they move :)

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