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Lily - posted on 04/07/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




I have twin 3 year old boys and a 1 year old son. My husband and I were thinking of having one more. I was wondering if anyone else used the shettles method or anything else to try and up the odds of having a specific sex? Don't worry, we will be ecstatic to have a boy or girl, just wondering if anyone has tried anything that works for them??

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Heather - posted on 04/07/2009




i have read from numerous sources that if you are trying for a girl then have sex 2 or 3 days before you ovulate because girl sperm live longer than the male sperm. male sperm usually are faster and get to the egg sooner, but die faster as well. so having sex closer to when you ovulate increases the chances of having a boy. don't know how accurate that may be but was true in my case. but, it really doesn't help if you don't keep track of your cycle or know when you ovulate. but good luck!

Ashley - posted on 04/07/2009




i haven't tried for another yet but i heard if you want a girl you need to have sex a couple of days before you ovulate because the male sperm swim faster than the female and the male also die faster than the female so if you're not ovulating then only the female will be alive when you do have sex and ovulate, you'll have to let me know if this works for you cuz i want to try this when i get ready to get pregnant again:) good luck

Elena - posted on 04/07/2009




hi ya! not too sure about the position story, as i conceived my son in the missionary position..but i did hear the same thing april was on about before me and i suggest you try that way....also i heard that if you eat cerials when you are trying to conceive you are more likely to have a boy as they contain some vitamins or something..i am sure it's an old wives tale but it worked for me. (even though i realised afterwards lol) good luck anyways.

April - posted on 04/07/2009




When I was trying to get pregnant with my youngest my husband and I really wanted a boy. He has a 7 year old son, and we have a daughter together. Having a sister myself I remember the torment we put my mother through growing up together so I decided to do a little research on it all. And what I ended up finding out from a special on the Discovery Health Network is that the sex of the baby can often be determined by the frequency of intercourse. If you are trying ALL the time then your chances for a girl are higher because the female sperm tend to be stronger and bigger from the start. If you time it out strictly to go with ovulation and abstain outside of those time frames you have a higher chance of having a boy. It gives the male sperm time to build up their strength as the female sperm weaken. So we put it to the test and it seems to have worked. When we got pregnant with our daughter we weren't trying at all and were just 'having fun', a little too often lol, and well....we had a girl. With our son we timed it specifically to go along with ovulation and we had a boy. Hope this helps and good luck on your quest for a girl!

Amanda - posted on 04/07/2009




There is an old wives tale and I hope I don't offend you or anyone else on here but it seemed to work for me. We had a boy first and I really wanted a girl the second time because I wasn't sure I wanted 3 kids and knew if we had another boy I would have a 3rd. Anyway, when we conceived my son we had sex from behind (i.e. doggie style) which I had heard works if you want a boy so when it came time to try the second time I refused to have sex that way because I was told to have sex missionary style for girls. I don't know if this really worked but in my case it was true. Good luck and I hope you get your little girl!! :)

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