Trying to be a good stepmum and not bag out the--- should never have been a mother of an ex wife

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I am a step mom of a few children and I want to know what can you do when you have a mother who does nothing but demand from you and your husband, has moved the kids to 14 different schools in 9 years and generally cares about noone but herself? If she doesn't get her way then it's no way at all HELP!


Michelle - posted on 07/18/2012




I would personally would be seeking custody of the kids to ensure stability in their lives that they are clearly lacking as no one should change schools that often. Yes it will be expensive but in the long run it is probably what is in the best interest of those children. Then once you have legal physical custody she won't be able to put unreasonable demands on you.

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Thanks Michelle,
We have gone down all those avenues but the lawyers were going to cost $50,000. It was explained to us that some mothers (difficult ones) breach the court orders anyway and you end up going back and forth and back and forth... I asked them what was the point in getting court orders then? We didn't go back to the lawyers...This is why those good dad's don't have the fight in them. When I met my husband I couldn't beleive the mantinence he was paying and trying to live at the same time. Unfortunately though he earnt just over the limit of assistance so couldn't apply for legal aid. I really can understand why some fathers loose it. Don't get me started on Child support they are the worse people I have had the displeasure to deal with. The lady we have to see I am sure is a man hater...

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