Trying to become pregnant after mirena removal

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Hi. I just had my mirena removed a little over two weeks ago. My husband and I are trying to have another baby. Our first and only child is almost three. While I was on mirena for two and a half years I never had my menstraul cycle and I still have not. So far all of my pregnancy tests have come back negative. Is it because of mirena messing up my system possibly? My husband just left for basic traing/ait training. He will be gone for39 weeks. So I'm really really wanting some good news. Lol


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Two weeks isn't even a complete cycle. It is possible for you to become pregnant that quickly, but it isn't very likely. Usually, after the Mirena is removed, it takes 4 to 8 weeks for the cycle to return to normal. You can still get pregnant, but your hormones may take a little longer to show up on the tests. Most OTC tests are not accurate until at least a day or so after the missed period anyway, so you may just be testing too early.

I have used Mirena for 10 years now, and I do not have a menstrual cycle either. When my first one expired and I had it removed, it took 9 weeks before I was menstruating and they could put the second one it. I just had the second one removed, as it expired again, and am waiting to menstruate to they can implant my 3rd. So, it takes time, but it will happen.

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