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I am 25 years old with a 2 and a half year old daughter and I desperately want to give her a sibling. This has been driving me crazy because it's proving very hard. Firstly I am having very unusual cycles that i have never experienced before I am usually reasonably regular between days 29 to 32 at the latest. Now I have no idea when i am going to get my period, i got it very unexpectedly a couple of months ago on day 27 and the next month I didn't get it till day 37. I ovulated very early and then very late. Each month I get ovulation pains at random times and I think it is my period coming but when it doesn't arrive I put it down to ovulation pains. Then I think to myself "don't you know your own body by now" but the truth is no I don't. When I concieved with my daughter it was so much easier and now I am all over the place. I am starting to get depressed and crying all the time because I think there is something wrong with me. I am still waiting for my period this month and I think it is a while off because I had severe pains on day 29 and 30 and then they wen't away with no sign of my period at all. Is it even possible to ovulate so late?

Secondly i am overweight and I have been trying to eat healthily (not lose weight) just look after myself alot better. I am not really overweight I am what people would call curvy but then i second guess myself and wonder whether the weight is contributing to my fertility problems. i don't understand though because I was this size when I concieved my daughter.

I am sounding really crazy and I'm sorry it's just i don't have anyone to really talk to as my mother and sister fall pregnant at the drop of a hat so they don't understand, I just need some advice or someone to relate to me. I used to be so insync with my body and now i feel lost. If anyone can help or understand that would be greatly appreciated.


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In regard to ovulation, not all women ovulate each month. It is considered an anoovulatory cycle. And while the suggestion is good for approximately 2 weeks after your cycle, yes, it is true that every woman is different. I personally ovulate much earlier, anywhere between day 10-12 of my cycle. The signs for cervical mucous does look like the egg whites-long gooey. You'll notice the cervical mucous moreso after a bowel movement. Your body may produce cervical mucous, but does not always mean that it releases an egg that month. A lot of it is hormonal. One bookthathelped me through my fertility struggles was "Taking charge of Your Fertility" by Dr. Toni Weshler. The first year I was trying to conceive, well, I was very naiive and uneducated on my body. After reading the book I was able to ask the right questions and get the help I needed. In my case, it was a hormonal deficiency.

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There are a couple of options here. No1 go ans see your doctor and get some blood work done to check that you are ovulating and that your hormone balance is right. No2 buy an ovulation kit to help you pin point when you are ovulating so that you have the best chance of conceiving. Your weight is not an issue if you have already conceived a child at this weight but it does not harm to eat sensibly.

When you have covered all the options then you really do need to chill out because stress alone can affect your period either by bringing it on or making it late. Take the pressure off and stop trying so hard. If you can afford to take a break away then do so, chill out and relax. You have plenty of time to become pregnant you are still young. Chill

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Have sex every day lol it took 18months to conceive my first child.

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Try this, the next time your monthly comes along, wait 14-`16 days AFTER the first day of your last period to try to conceive. In the meantime, DO NOT STRESS. That's the worst thing to affect your ability to conceive.

I know some people on here may tell me that the "equation" I just gave you for trying to conceive only works for those women that have a period every 28 days, but let me tell you I was JUST LIKE YOU and mine was all over the place. I followed what one of my BFF's said (she's a DR, BTW) to conceive and it worked the first time I tried, then again with my second baby. Not saying it is 100% for everyone, but hey, give it a whirl.

ALSO, this sounds like too much info but usually (NOT ALWAYS) when a woman ovulates (as was in my case) there is a clear discharge that comes out about 2 weeks after the first day of your last period. Pay close attention to that as well. Good luck!

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Please know that it might take a healthy couple up to a full year to conceive before the doctor would consider any meds. With that being said, you already have begun to monitor your periods and ovulation. You need to see your doctor in order to determine what's going on with your cycles and ovulation. He might suggest Clomid, a short term fertility medication that can induce ovulation. It's usually only prescribed for a 6 month time frame. Continue to monitor your periods and use ovulation predictor kits. The doctor will also want to do a full blood work up to check hormone levels. Preparing a body for a pending pregnancy certainly won't get you pregnant any faster, but it can definately be helpful to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I am also concerned with your initial statement that you are desperate to have another child. Please make sure that you do understand how your mental health plays into conceiving. Sometimes when too much stress is placed on your body on top of any *potential* health issue impacting you conceiving (like irregular periods), depressino sets in fast. I know, been there, done that. Spent 3+ years trying to conceive and ran the gammut of fertility treatments. So I know first hand the emotional roller coaster that TTC can bring. I wish you the very best.

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Have you seen your doctor? There are several reasons why periods can become irregular. Your doctor can tell you if your hormones are off, or if you are just so stressed out wanting to have a baby so bad.

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How long have you been trying? These things take time, and stressing out about it does not help. My friend is an OB, and she says that your cycles will change throughout your live, so maybe this is what is normal for you now? Mine certainly changed after I had each of my kids. Have you seen an OB and had a check up lately? I think this would be a good place to start. Just don't beat yourself up over it - just because it was easy the first time, doesn't mean that it is going to be as quick the second time!

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