trying to conceive after miscarriage

Kandi - posted on 11/01/2013 ( 9 moms have responded )




Been trying to get pregnant spending SO much money for hpts. I was wondering if any of you have any on hand you don't need OR is there a website Ican get FREE ones.

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Deidra - posted on 11/02/2013




I would suggest going to a local planned parenthood as i used to work at one and we gave out free hpts all the time. also try to relax and not have sex with the mind set of becoming pregnant, also only have sex every other day so his sperm has a chance to build, i just had a baby 18 days ago and i became pregnant after a miscarriage. It took me 5 months to become pregnant again so just be patient and don't tey so hard and it will happen! Good luck :)

Angela - posted on 11/02/2013




You don't NEED a Home Pregnancy Test to get pregnant! I really don't understand what the obsession is for current-day would-be mothers to constantly keep testing when they're trying to conceive!

If you want a free pregnancy test, a few Right-to-Life (anti-abortion/Pro-Life) charities carry them out free of charge. However, if you turn up on their doorstep at regular intervals (like every 2 weeks) requesting a pregnancy test, they won't like this!

I'm British and in the UK, you get a free pregnancy test carried out by your doctor or clinic under the National Health Service. They won't carry one out until at least 6 weeks after the first day of your last period.

Of course, some modern home pregnancy tests (the more expensive ones) can detect pregnancy before the next period is even due - but is this really necessary? Remember that over 25% of conceptions will result in spontaneous, early miscarriage anyway. Many of us will have had an early miscarriage that we're not even aware of. So early discovery is no guarantee of lasting, successful pregnancy - and may even lead to distress and disappointment.

I think you need to relax more! You have not mentioned your partner in your post and if he is on board with the plans for conception.

Forget about the tests. Good luck.

Jodi - posted on 11/02/2013




I'd also suggest that a baby is more expensive than the tests, so if you can't afford the tests while TTC, then you might want to consider if you can afford a baby.

I also agree with Gena, maybe relax a little.

Gena - posted on 11/02/2013




I hope i understood the hpts write,home pregnancy tests? You buy a huge pack of them online for cheaper than in the shops. But i would also suggest relaxing about getting pregnant,i also did a test everymonth and was totaly focused on getting pregnant(also after a misscarriage) and once i relaxed and stopped focosing on that i fell pregnant on holiday :-) Good luck

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