Trying to find a job to support my kids.

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I have been looking everywhere for jobs at home online. I am in a tight spot right now. Me and my husband just lost our home and we had to move back with my mom until we are able to get a job and move out. There are no jobs where I live and its hard to actually try to look towards your goals here. I'm praying for something to come because we need to get out of here. It's also hard to let our kids go through this.


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If you want to work as an employee for a company or business, there are VERY few jobs that are 100% online or work from home.

You CAN, however, create a job for yourself where you work from home. They will not pay much to begin with, but depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it, you could be supporting yourself in a year or so. Here are some options:

Writing: You can write a blog and sign up for AdWords or Adsence type programs. You get paid when someone buys something after clicking on the ad on your blog. Once you build up a strong readership, you will get more money for your ads, and you can expand to selling slogans from your blog on sites like zazzle and cowcow.
If you have a degree, you can also put your resume and some writing samples on writing boards and take freelance writing jobs--these are usually things like filler articles for small news papers and magazines, instruction manuals for toys and other products, and guest blogger articles. They usually pay between 1cent and 10 cents per word, but as you build your portfolio, you can earn a lot more. I have a girlfriend who does this and gets 75 cents to $1 per word, and her average articles is about 1500 to 2000 words and she does 2 to 3 article per week.

Selling crafts on etsy. If you can sew, knit, or crochet, or make anything crafty that people will buy, you can sell your products on etsy. The thing about etsy is that the competition is high, so you have to spend time promoting yourself online--keep a blog, post on facebook, and feature other artists on your blog, and they'll feature you back. You'll have to make a small investment for supplies, and listings are 20cents per item, so you need about $50 to start up, but it pays off. I have two friends who sell on etsy--one sells jewelry, one sells kids' clothes, one became a millionaire in about 7 years, the other is well on her way and has expanded her business to open a shop and employs 4 people now.

I am a real estate investor--I buy buildings and lease them out to companies, sometimes I sell them for a profit, but I don't think this is an option for you right now because you need good credit or a sizable amount of capital to start out and if you just lost your house, you probably don't have that.

Affiliate programs. This is sort of an add on to blogging, but you would write a blog about a product, post a link to the actual product on your blog, and you would get paid when someone purchased directly from your link. These pay more than ads, but you need thousands of them to really see an income, so you would need to invest in a pretty large amount of storage for your website, or in several different websites. I know OF a couple of people who do this, but I don't really know that much about the mechanics of it. I've heard it's pretty easy though. They use pinterest to point people to the blog, then the blog to point people to the product....

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