Trying to get my Kids back

Katherine - posted on 03/10/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




About 2 years ago I was going thru a rough time, no job no money to take care of my daughter and son. They both have different father's so I did what I though was correct and send my kids with their dad so they can be good until I got myself back on my feet. During this past 2 years both of their dad have been mean to me like if I'm some trash disrespectful and try to set up rules that I have to follow to see my kids. Mind you I'm not a drug addict I don't smoke I don't drink I don't party I'm just not a perfect human being that was going thru alot. Now for my son I went to court and gave his dad temporary custody. During this time his dad has been in an out of jail and the last time he was in jail for 3 months and I didn't know nothing that he was in jail until maybe the last month. And my daughters dad he just doesn't let me see her period and doesn't let my daughter talk about me or mention me and has his girlfriend letting my daughter calling her mom and telling my daughter that she's her mom. I'm still married to my daughters father and he said he filed for divorce that I should wait until then to see my daughter but I don't know if he filed for divorce for real. And I have my son's father that won't bring my son to see me because I live and hour away and he said he won't go out of his way to bring him to me so I filed for my shared custody for him. As for my daughter I'm trusting her father's word but I haven't gotten the papers. I'm not a perfect mother I love my kids I'm still a mother. When the time for court comes I'm scared because they both are telling me that they will take my kids away from me but I don't understand why will they do that to me when my kids are with me I give them my whole me and they love when they are with me. What should I do. What should I say when I go to court? I don't talk or call my kids father because they both disrespect me and I hate taht


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Also Dove besides being right on this did not mention that you can file for parental alienation since both fathers have not been allowing visitation or the chance to let you have a relationship with the kids. But I do recommend that you provide the dates, times and what happened so that the judge and lawyers know what is going on.


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Dove - posted on 03/10/2016




You need to get a lawyer. If you have evidence (phone records, texts, emails) that you have been trying to see and maintain relationships w/ your children and the fathers have no proof that you are a danger to them (police reports or drug tests)... then you will almost definitely get visitation. As far as getting custody goes... no one can predict what a judge will or will not determine on that front.

You REALLY need to have a lawyer to help you w/ this process though. If you can not afford one... call Legal Aid or your local DHS office to see if they can point you in the right direction.

I, personally, would not trust one word either of these men say unless they are providing you w/ solid proof (like a copy of the filed divorce papers) of their claims.

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