Trying to get my young boy to do his chores!! Any ideal chores for a 16 year old boy?


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Jodi - posted on 06/03/2014




He's not "young", he is almost an adult. He is more than old enough to take on any responsibility you choose to give him. My 16 year old is responsible for his own room, washing, ironing, etc. But he also helps with the rest of the household washing, cleans bathrooms, vacuums, sweeps, takes out the garbage, and mows the lawns, among other things.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/02/2014




The same ones he's been doing for awhile now.

If he hasn't been doing chores, well, expect a fight.

My 16 YO's chores: his laundry, his room, his bathroom, walking/exercising our two dogs daily, recycling duties, picking up dog poop. Laundry on a weekly or as needed basis, his room daily, his bathroom weekly, dogs daily, recycling daily, and dog poop weekly.

He also cooks family dinner once a week, and does dishes/dishwasher as needed.

Plus any other 'little' thing that comes up

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