Trying to keep things fair between two kids as far as baby pictures

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When my first son was born, we took pictures, flash on and off at the hospital with a disposable camera because that's all we could afford at the time. All the pictures unfortunately came back all black. Now, 8 years later pregnant again with a better man(due any day, today's my due date) I have a better camera, digital, batteries works good, I'm packing it in my hospital bag. My point is, I feel I'm not being fair if I have pictures taken with my new son when I have none from my first. With my first we didn't get to take pictures of him til he was a week old at home this time with a polaroid camera. Please no harsh comments, it was the best we could, spend $60 for a polaroid than $200-400 for a digital camera. And no we didn't have a cel phone with a camera. I just feel like I'm leaving out my 8 year old, and I know he's too young to understand or ask now, (he's autistic by the way). I don't know how much a non autistic 8 year old would ask questions as far as 'why aren't there pictures of me in the hospital or on birth announcement cards?'


Barbara - posted on 10/23/2012




I would not worry about your 8 year old son looking for equality of the pictures. Most 8 year old would not even think of this. The picture of your son holding your belly is a start and you can explain that to him. Take plenty of pictures of your newborn and plenty of pictures of your 8 year old now and you will have no problems. Include your 8 year old from now on.

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You are over thinking this. If he mentions anything you tell the truth. ie: "We didn't have a very good camera when you were born and so all of our precious photos were ruined." "We really wish we had lots of photos of you because you were so adorable" and remember to include him in many of the new baby's photos.

We didn't have a digital camera for our first but we did for our second so we have many more photos of the second child as a newborn. It's never been an issue.

Lacye - posted on 10/23/2012




When he asks questions, just explain to him that you tried to take pictures of him at that age and it just didn't work out. I don't see why anyone would judge you. You couldn't afford a good camera and somethings are just beyond your control. It's not fair but it's also not your fault.

Holly - posted on 10/23/2012




I wouldn't worry, you don't want to create a "fair police" kid... then EVERY little thing has to be fair, you will start having to draw lines on the cup to make sure that you didn't give his sibling more juice than him, then you will have to worry about how much you spend on his toys, and then how much money you spent on his car. he will be fine, i am sure once you got a better camera you took MANY pictures of him

Gwen - posted on 10/23/2012




This is not an issue of being fair to another child. I'm sure most of us have experienced camera malfunctions in life. Of course you should take your camera to the hospital with you! And who cares how much you spent on it, or why. If your older child ever asks, you say "Honey, we took lots of pictures when you were born, but when the film was developed, they all came out black. I was very disappointed, but there was nothing that could be done to fix them."

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