Ttc baby # 4

Starr - posted on 01/21/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am truly blessed to have had 3 healthy kids with my first husband but now that I'm remarried I would like a child with my husband who has none. First pregnancy was no trying, 2nd I tried 4 months around what I thought was ovulation with no luck and on the 5th month we tried almost daily and I wound up pregnant, and with 3rd child I only had sex on ovulation day not wanting another at that time and not realizing it was ovulation day. I've been ttc now for 9 months with no luck. My periods are every 27-28 days, never been on birth control, rarely ever used condoms, no medical problems so why is it so difficult to get pregnant? We try every day during fertile window. He was checked 3 years ago during his previous marriage and all was well. That resulted in no children because of something health related with her. He has hyperthyroidism & has been on medicine regular for years & other than that he's overall healthy. He's 24, I'm 34. I take prenatal vitamins. Try to eat healthy. I had a Pap smear back in October and all was well, urine had some bacteria which I took antibiotics for to clear up. I track my symptoms and things with my phone app but the only thing I haven't tried is ovulation predictor tests yet and haven't been to my gynecologist. Planning to next month. No family history of infertility.Last month my left side hurt really bad 2 weeks leading up to my period and when I check my cervical mucus it's always watery and never stringy/stretchy as it used to be. Any advice is greatly appreciated & good luck to all who are ttc also. Thanks

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