TTC on metphormen and clomid. neither are working.

Kristina - posted on 01/18/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hey guys, I am 24 years old and we have been trying to conceive since March 2014. Once nothing happened we went to a specialist in July. He put me on 1200 metphormen a day and 50 mg of clomid 10 mg of progesterone. My period started coming regularly but still nothing was happening. 2 months later he upped my clomid to 100 again nothing then now as of December I am on 150 and still nothing. Through tests and tests he saw my FSH levels were out of WACK and called me Friday January 16th and requested another visit and a change of treatments. Has anyone had this happen and what did they do for you? I don't know what to expect. Someone please give me advice. Also before Christmas I was 8 days late on my period I had a positive pregnancy test and went to emerge to get checked it was negative in blood work 3 days later I got my period but it was heavier than normal. Since on progesterone this was the first time ever I was late. Even this cycle I still had 3 pills left to take and got my period right on the 8th like every other time. Is there anyway I could have ovulated late and had a chemical pregnancy and he just isn't seeing my ovulation because it's late? I hope this has happened to someone else.
Thanks for reading.


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