Tubal after Labor....advice please

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So when my daughter was born, her dad (we were engaged when we conceived, not together in any way when I gave birth) was not there for the REAL 'labor' part...she came pretty fast after the pushing started, and I was already on my 2nd push when he finally showed back up.

My water broke with her first, without contractions. They put me on pitocin to jumpstart contractions with her. After a couple of hours of no progress, they turned it off so I could sleep. Next morning they started it back up, then her dad left me to do it alone. (*he wanted to get some sleep (even though he slept all night), and the nurses said it was okay because it would be a while...psh. wtf ever*) I made it to 4 CM or so with some pain management meds.I ended up getting an epidural and slept for at least an hour before I had to push. I had no support through the contractions, no distraction, no focus. I was alone in the room most of the time and psychologically I don't think I handled the reality of the situation well. My mom was there but I couldn't bring myself to squeeze her hand, I didn't want to hurt my mom, and she had my dad to take care of, so she was in and out when it came to staying with me. She was too mad at my daughter's dad for leaving to be of any real help to me.

With my son, his dad was there the entire time, but when my first contraction hit, he was outside (smoking a cigarette). I freaked. Too many memories from my daughter's L&D, so I got the epidural right away. (Mind you, my water broke first again, and that was at 4AM, I went to the hospital on NO sleep...I was actually on my way to bed when my water broke.)

This time, I want to see if I can do it natural, with the possibility of pain management meds. That's how I planned on doing it with my daughter. I am still not against the idea of an epidural, but the farther along I get (27 weeks at the moment), the more I like the idea of doing it without an epidural. or at least trying to...

My question/issue whatever is this: I am getting my tubes tied after I give birth. Will they try to make me get an epidural so they don't have to do it after I have the baby? or how will they handle that? Anyone been there yet or know how their own hospital did it? When I have my next dr appt I'm going to remind him I want the tubal, and I want to tell him I want to try it natural, I guess I"m just looking for feedback. I've heard 'horror' stories about how hospital staff members have treated birthing women in hospitals (trying to encourage c-sections to 'speed things along' kinda thing...fear tactics for getting the woman to do it the way the hosptial wants, etc)

I don't THINK they'd make me get an epidural because of that, and from what I understand they usually wait a day or so before doing the procedure if you have your baby vaginally.

Any first-hand experiences with this?



Elfrieda - posted on 04/03/2012




I don't know anything about it, but it seems odd to me that they would do surgery on a woman who just gave birth. Are you sure that they'll do it? I can see in a c-section situation, the woman's all cut open anyway, but usually they like the patient to be really strong and healthy before doing surgery, right?

I hope everything goes well with this birth, and that you'll have a support person there for you the whole time.

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