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Eryka - posted on 05/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello everyone I am new here and I wanted some input. I have 2 kids, my daughter will be 6 in august and my son will be 2 in october. My husband and I and 100% sure we don't want anymore kids so I was thinking about getting tubal ligation and i was reading about it on the internet but wanted input on you ladies that first hand so wanted to know a few things: How long is the procedure? Where is the procedure done? How long is recovery? Is it painful? Are there any long term side effects? Thank you ladies for your input :)


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Angela - posted on 05/12/2013




I had it done as a day patient. Was out by teatime and all was well.

Would recommend it to anyone. I was about 37 when I had it done though. A younger mother might not get it so easily.

Good luck.

Michelle - posted on 05/12/2013




Is there any reason why your hubby won't get a vasectomy? It's a far less invasive procedure and less recovery time as well. It's also easier to be reversed if that's what you want in the future.

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