Tubes tied but no period

Alesha - posted on 05/01/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I had my tubes tied right after I had my youngest daughter 2 years ago. I have had my period every month real heavy at times.. Anyways the last time I had my period was in February. So the beginning of May will make it 3 months of no period. I really don't know whats going on.



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Tara - posted on 05/01/2011




I would take the pregnancy test and if it comes up negative then go see your doctor.
I had my tubes tied about a year and a half ago and have had irregular periods since then - that said, I've always had an extremely irregular cycle, and the longest I ever went without a period without being pregnant was in high school and I went 186 days (that's right, almost half a year) without a period - my doc did all the checkups, etc and concluded it was straight stress that was doing it.
I have found that if I'm really, really stressed then my period has a tendency to be quite late, or if I'm low on iodine (for the iodine I just put a little tincture of iodine - available in most drug stores for cheap - on the inside of my thigh - it gets absorbed and when my skin stops absorbing it then I'm good).
Also, if you are an older mom like I am (I'll be 39 this summer), it's possible that you could be starting peri-menopause and will have irregular periods until you hit menopause. I would definitely, definitely check in with your doctor though :)

Kate CP - posted on 05/01/2011




Okay, if you go more than 10 days passed your missed period and you're NOT pregnant you should see your doctor. Something could be really WRONG.

Alesha - posted on 05/01/2011




I do plan on taking a pregnancy test if I dont start by may 6th or so which would make it the 3 months. I'm just hoping that I will start by than =/

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