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I am having so much trouble getting my son to do tummy time ever since he was born we have tried every thing. I figured he would come out of the screaming and crying over time but it actually seems to get worse. I always try to catch him in a good mood thinking maybe this will help,, i place toys all around him, i lie on the floor right in front of him, i play music i do anything i can think of but nothing seems to soothe him. I have tried so many things everyday i fear he wont get strong enough to do the things he needs when he grows older my son is 3 months old he looks like he is 6 months old but has the support in his head like a 1 month old i try other things to strenthen his neck like sit ups which he loves to do, also i sit him in his baby swing so his back is almost straight to maybe help. My mother in law just will not leave me alone telling me that my baby is lazy and i am making him that way by not doing tummy time. she just doesn't understand that i do everyday but my son cries to the point he hyperventilates. If anybody has any suggestions i will definetly take them please help me


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Gwen - posted on 08/30/2012




There is no such thing as a lazy baby. That's just a dumb statement for her to even make.

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