Tuna - or fish in general

Sharyn - posted on 12/04/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




my little girl is about to turn one (in 5 days) .... when can i introduce her to tuna? or fish in general? ... she has always had a strong stomach and doesnt have any food allergies, she's already tried peanut butter and is okay with it.

tuna is a good white meat to give to anyone, i love the stuff, and so does my hubby ... it would make a good addition to her growing food list since i'm trying to introduce her to new things.

thanks, :-)


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Amy - posted on 12/07/2009




Well, how do you normally eat it? Once our son was one we didn't really limit what he ate (other than honey and not much nuts, can't remember if there was anything else). Basically what we did is what ever we were eating, we would just give him some of that. We would cut things up enough for him too, but at one they should have at least a tooth or two and be able to start eating what ever you eat.

Christie - posted on 12/07/2009




I also looovvve tuna! i have 4yr. old twin nephews and we started them on tuna when they were 3. I have other nieces and nephews all under 8 yrs. old and they've been eating since they were 3. As far as any othe fish most kids 5 yr. olds don't like any other fish but that doesn't mean that your daughter won't. Good Luck

Charlene - posted on 12/05/2009




I have to agree with talking to her Doctor first about tuna.

I personally can't stomach fish, with the exception of flaked tuna so when my daughter is ready to try it, it will be a grammy's house! :P

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Since she's one you can introduce her to fish: tuna and salmon are the best for her brain! But because fish and shellfish can cause allergic reactions, introduce them slowly like you did with her first foods.

Sharon - posted on 12/05/2009




I can't remember what age we introduced the kids to fish. We eat fish so often. It was probably when they were sitting up and semi feeding themselves.

I hate to say but yeah, talk with your doctor about how often she can have tuna and other fish with mercury.

Now I want a teriyaki salmon steak or stuffed salmon, or ceviche, we had a HUGE tuna salad fest before thanksgiving.

Lemon honey trout is great too. oohhh fried catfish.... damn

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I think that you should really limit how much canned tuna you feed your child. Wild Alaskan salmon is a much safer choice as are some other fishes. You could always download a list of safe choices online.

As for the omega 3's- I've been giving my children Nordic Naturals for years. The oil comes straight from Norway and comes in gel or liquid form. I have three boys 3, 7 and 9 and have yet to hear a complaint.

C. - posted on 12/04/2009




Hmmm, I would say definitely ask your doctor on that one.. My reason for saying that is b/c they know what level of mercury is considered too high for her body weight/height and age. And you definitely wouldn't want to give your child mercury poisoning.

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