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Hi, my life is very complicated. I left my ex husband coz I fell out of love plus there were other issues that I thought it's non negotiable anymore in a relationship. We have a lovely 5 year old daughter that we were fighting for custody but we ended up in a peaceful settlement after realising the cost for the battle and the court didn't really do anything.
I ended up in another relationship which I thought initially a perfect one coz I love this man very much but I realised our relationship is even worst. He is controlling and a womaniser. Unfortunately, he got me pregnant straight away and now we have a beautiful daughter. She's only less than a month and I broke up with his father coz I caught him chatting with different women and I discovered that he has another family in another country. It's crazy! He tried to explain that he has no interest to go back to his old family and those other women are just plain chats and nothing. He swore that I'm the only one in his life and the rest are nothing.
Now, my ex-husband talked to me and he wants me back coz he said he loves me and we have a daughter. He said he is willing to have my newly born child. If I come to him, I will have my two daughters with me but I don't have the love that I feel for the other guy. If I choose love, I will only have my newborn child with me and I can't have my other daughter which will break my heart.


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Amy - posted on 07/19/2015




I agree with the other ladies, learn to be by yourself before you are with someone else. Yes it's going to be difficult, being a parent is difficult whether you're single or in a relationship.

Michelle - posted on 07/18/2015




I agree with not being with either one.
You left you husband for a reason, most of the time it doesn't work out going back.
My advice would be to sort out custody of your children and find yourself.
I found that once I decided that my children and myself were the most important things to focus on I was a lot happier and so were the children.

[deleted account]

Thank you. It's going to be very difficult especially that in abroad, I don't have relatives around to help but I will consider that.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/17/2015




How about quit thinking you need to be in a relationship, make sure you have custody and support orders for both kids, and get yourself together as a single parent before you try to 'figure out' whether you should stay with an abusive, controlling person, or go back to the 'other issues' with the other guy.

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