Turning my young adult daughter back to God

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I am looking for advice on how to turn my young adult daughter back to God. She is 21yrs old and now has an atheist boyfriend, now fiance, for 4yrs. She now says she doesn't believe what I believe and he has opened her eyes to many different views. She no longer wants to go to church and says she is moving out soon. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Thank You Dove. I agree, I know I can't make her believe, it has to be her choice. I guess I was looking for advice on what may be the best way to talk about the subject of God and not push her away.


Ev - posted on 12/28/2013




I have to agree with the other ladies on this. You can not force anyone to have the views you do. Even having been raised in the church his whole life, my son finally stood up in church when he was about 13 and asked about proof of God. He had gone with his dad and step mom. Immediately, they thought he was athiest. They had been embarresed by his questions and really thought he had decided not to believe in God anymore. When my son questioned me about what I thought of his questions; I told him that he was going to question beliefs from all angles and that he would eventually chose how to believe on his own accord. I also told him that I would respect his choices no matter if he returned to the way he was raised (though he was raised in the Church, he still abides the rules of the Ten Commandments very well and also the way I have taught him) or chose something else to be his "religon" or not. We can raise our kids in what we were raised in and the set of values and morals. It is up to the kids we have to decide what their belief system will be. We should respect their choices even if it does not agree with ours. I raised him with the morals and values that you find in the church but you can find them outside it too. Most cultures value the same ideals that Christians do. My son has taken the values and morals with him. I know of one woman who claims to be athiest but she is one of the most wonderful people that I know. And she is raising her kids about the same as I raised mine.

So it is really up to the kids to carry on what we have taught them and given them to live life. If they go against it then there is not much we can do but to respect their views and values they have come up with.

Dove - posted on 12/28/2013




You can't. All you can really do is pray for her and casually invite her to go along w/ you to church/church functions. You have raised her in your beliefs. The rest is up to her and God.

Michelle - posted on 12/28/2013




You can't force someone to believe, it has to be something they believe on their own.
She is an adult and has every right to explore different religions and/or beliefs. Most children go through the same things.
It may be good that her fiance is opening her mind to the way other people think, it's a part of life that we all believe in different things. There are many different religions and there isn't 1 "right" one that everyone should follow.
That's the joy of being human, we have a brain that can process information and make or own decisions and not just follow everyone else.

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