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My daughter is almost 8 months old and I'm starting to wonder about TV. She watches a couple shows a day and every now and then she'll sit on my lap while I watch my shows, which have violence, nudity etc in them. I'm not talking hardcore pornos or anything, but every now and then there'll be a french kiss or somethin. I know that I don't want her watching these shows when she starts realizing what's going on. Should I be concerned about exposing her to these shows at 8 months or is it not a big deal yet? And when would she actually be paying close attention to tv shows not age appropriate?


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It is not advised to expose children to this sort of thing. I let my daughter watch pre school programmes as she liked "the night garden" at that age but I would not watch anything with swearing or violence in it as children absorb imformation like a sponge and you really do not know what affect it will have on her later in life. My friend let her children watch doctor who from an early age and it terrified them so much so they had night mares and she ended up with them in her bed most nights.

My advice is watch these programmes when she is asleep and stick to normal day time programmes suitable for all. My daughter is 2 and she gets upset with some soaps I watch even though they are suitable for family viewing and aired before the 9pm watershed. Children can not sort out reality to acting and they get confused with what is going on. I have always moderated what I have watched with my children as I think this is important for their social welfare.

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I am a huge fan of NCIS and Stargate. There is a fair bit of violence and profanity in both. I didn't have a problem letting my son watch these with me until recently. He is 20 months and has really started picking up on things he sees and hears. He started standing like Teal'c in Stargate (with his hands behind his back) and saluting at the TV whenever someone would... It was all very cute until one day I heard "shit" come out of his mouth! Lucky enough we happened to be sitting at the table and quickly turned it into "yes, you're sitting in a chair". He no longer watches anything my husband and I do! We've since invested in several VeggieTale movies which he has fallen in love with!

Just pay attention to what she's doing and what she'll start saying. Her brain is a sponge and she will pick up a lot more than you think. If you start noticing things you don't want her doing or saying, correct it now before she understands that its something bad and stop exposing her to whatever started it.


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If your starting to wonder, it is probably time to stop. There is no way of knowing how much it will impact her at this age, but for sure, it is not doing her any good.

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You know they learn tremendously from birth and they are constantly storing pictures and memories in their heads. Although cannot say with certainty I would caution you. Start good patterns from the beginning. TV even if it is childrens programming should be limited. What they see and take in during their day is teaching them. Do you want ANY of it to be garbage? If all those early read programs are working and are started in their first year you might want to consider what you are exposing your child to even though they may not have full understanding they are learning.

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my little man is 8 months and has wind down time watching Treehouse or an einstein movie laying on the couch.

i usually keep treehouse on during the day to help distract from the wonderful repetitive sounds of his favorite toys for my own sake, oh and he has to tolerate Young and the Restless if he isnt napping LOL.

maybe just try sitting on the floor with her while you watch your shows as she plays with some toys or something.

Logan is in bed by the time the good stuff comes on tv anyways ;)

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