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Amanda - posted on 01/03/2012




I don't think there's anything wrong with kids or teens watching some tv as long as it's age appropriate and as long as they get some physical activity everyday. As far as video games go I only have issues with the ones where you just sit in front of the tv. I find those boring. However I will play the dance games for the wii until I'm too tired to dance anymore.I try to play them atleast once a day.

Francesca - posted on 12/31/2009




I usually have the foodnetwork on for background noise. But as for any real television watching, my daughter is only eight months old. She does watch one show though. We stumbled on it by accident one sleepless night when she was teething. She really loves Ni Hao Kai Lan so I recorded a few episodes and after breakfast she watches that for twenty minutes. But I think its just because of the colours and the songs. She gets so excited for it.

I don't see any problem with it. But we can only say whats best for our won children.

And for those that think its proving a point to mention others' grammer, maybe you should be careful that your post does not have A LOT of spelling errors either.

Jennifer - posted on 12/31/2009




They say you shouldn't let your child watch tv at all until they're two years old. After that in moderation and supervised. As long as the television isn't babysitting your child, I don't think that watching a movie or show during the day is so bad. They make really good educational shows now that would be good to sit down and watch with your child.

[deleted account]

My daughter watches TV...educational things during the morning like Mickey Mouse Club house, Dora the explorer, Imagination Movers and Special Agent OSO while mommy does the house I don't think it's that bad for her.

Jaime - posted on 12/30/2009




I have had discussions with friends about the correlation between t.v. watching before the age of one and attention deficit and even autism. I don't believe that there is a strong correlation, but I can certainly see how developmentally-inhibiting it might be if a child watched t.v. all day long, without any physical or mental stimulation from other activities. Moderation is the key to any indulgence really...I allow my son to watch cartoons...In Canada the infant/toddler station is called "Treehouse" with shows like 'Toopy and Binoo', 'Barney', 'The Backyardigans', and so forth...and he watches for maybe for an hour a day if that (he is 10 months old). I find that we are often so busy through the week with playgroup or playdates or just being outside that the t.v. doesn't get used very much. I find too, that since my son has started to crawl and become increasingly more mobile, he is more interested in moving around and not wanting to sit still and stare at the t.v. for more than a few minutes.

Sarah - posted on 12/29/2009




i think the t.v should not be used as a babysitter but the everyonce in a while once they are old enough should be okay... remeber you dont want to rot the babys brains....

p.s. lack of t.v. will not hurt

Rhianna - posted on 12/29/2009




my son, now 12 months has been exposed to the TV since we brought him home. its impossible to breast feed and hold and read a book and boring just to sit there doing nothing for the min. of 6 hours a day every day.....
he is soothed by the sounds, he hates the quiet. now that he is older he really could care lessm he has a few commercials, shows and such he LOVES (comcast commercials!) and will intently watch, but once its off, he goes back to playing with his toys.
I never wanted him to watch TV but the reality is that if you watch tv your child will, and they will end up watching what you watch. i never sit him down to watch tv, it is not a baby sitter, he has toys for that

Cassandra - posted on 12/29/2009




I think it's fine--In moderation. Not too much all at once. Interaction is key for your child to remain social and interested in real people. I would also pay attention to the things they're watching learning wise. I was watching a children's show the other day which (litterally) had a moral of "It's okay to lie to your friends so long as they don't find out." And, well, Miley Cyrus. Enough said there. I have my daughter watch a little bit of mythbusters, for whatever reasons she enjoys it. She also enjoys a little bit of seseme street. Otherwise, I just have her play on the floor, or I play with her.

"Experts" can say what they want about "OMG ABSOLUTELY NO TV IT'S SO BAD BAWWW" but sometimes tv can be a lifesaver, especially when you're trying to clean the house.

Sharon - posted on 12/29/2009




Reading these replies almost physically hurts. Looks like 'tv neva" hurt them either.

That said - TV hasn't hurt my brother or myself any. We are now very particular about what the kids get to watch. My husband started off with the "well, they don't understand it, we can watch it..." yeah until your kid starts quoting southpark in kindergarten or quoting chris tucker from Rush Hour (N- word comes into play) that phone call kind of woke my husband up.

I had this figured out after visiting family friends with an over indulged 2yr old. The whole family thought it was cute as hell when she replied "fuck you!" to my ..." aren't you cute!" yeah N~I~C~E~.... This kid responded that way to anyone to who didn't coddle her. She physically violent too. I thought alot about why she was that way and determined my future kids would NOT be that way. Its almost worked out that way too, lol. however - that is OUR fault, not the TV.

I find the crime dramas' & medical dramas really spark my kids imaginations. The kids want to know WHY what this person did was wrong, sometimes they know because its obvious.

Medical - the kids have me google stuff while we watch to find out what the "docs" are talking about. Mostly its to know the reality of the situation versus what is presented on tv.

When my kids were toddlers they all watched commercial free tv or dvds.

Paula - posted on 12/29/2009




of course tv watching does not cause ADD it is an imballence in the brain that is there wether they watch tv or not. I know, I have an adhd kid. He actually calms down while watching tv. I only let him watch disney, food network and G rated movies. However, with his adhd is a short attention span so he will only watch tv usually for a half hour or 45 minutes at a time and then gets bored anyway.

Michelle - posted on 12/29/2009




My kids watch TV. One is 6 now, and one is 3, and they are BOTH limited to PBS or Noggin (Nick Jr now). A lot of my oldest's friends are watching shows that I think are horribly inappropriate - even on the Disney channel which previously I assumed would be kid-friendly. The other good thing about Noggin is that there are NO ADS - only ads for other shows on their station. So I don't get a lot of "mom, can we get this? I need this toy! Let's have McDonalds for dinner" crap.

The shows are educational, and even when they aren't teaching reading or letters, they are teaching generally positive messages about how people interact politely and nicely. JUST preview the shows first yourself - don't assume that shows are sending the messages you want your kids to see.

Melissa - posted on 12/29/2009




In 2004, a study reported that watching TV was related to Attention Problems in children. It was found that, for children between 1 and 3 yrs old, every hour of TV watched increased the risk of developping attention problems by age 7 by 10%. However, it was found that the study was limited and since then many researchers have estimated that TV does not cause Attention Deficit Disorder.

I believe that it's perfectly ok to let children watch some TV as long as it's educational and slow pace (rather than rapid flashes and zooms, extra noisy, abrupt cuts, etc.) not in excess and they do other activites to stimulate their brain for the most part of the day!

Jessi - posted on 12/29/2009




I limit what my kids watch on tv. My 4 year old watches PBS shows a lot. Seseme Street, Between the Lions, and Word World. It is amazing. She learned her letters and the sounds they make just by watching these shows! Some tv is great!

[deleted account]

a little bit of tv neva hurt anyone!! my daughter is 21months and i hav kids programmes on for a hr in the morning and a about 2 hrs in the evening but 2 b honest she doesnt really want 2 watch it i'd love her 2 sit down and watch it lol.

Sophie - posted on 12/29/2009




I think that as long as you make sure that what your child is watching is age-appropriate, and that they do not sit staring at a television for hours and hours on end then it really doesnt do any harm! Childrens TV is a life saver as far as im concerned, it can help give you a much needed break at times! My little boy is nearly 3 and he has been watching cbeebies since he was about a year old. Before i had him i was with all the "experts" who say that tv is bad, especially for young children, and planned on not even letting him set eyes on a tv untill he was at least 5! But then you have them and reality kicks in...and i think that if they are watching educational things then it can actually help their development, providing you talk through what they are watching sometimes. This is what i have discovered personally anyway!!

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