twin boys at 8 weeks is it to early to put them on a schedule


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My twin girls were on a schedule from birth and it worked great for us. I would not have survived otherwise. When my son came along... I tried the same thing and gave it up almost instantly. It really depends on the kids and your specific situation. Good luck!


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Definitely. It was a 3 hour schedule. If I had help... I was able to nurse them both together and I was able to manage it on my own from 2ish-5 months. Other than that... nursed one then nursed the other right after. They were on the schedule during the day and left to sleep at night, but if one woke... the other got nursed as well.

I have a lot of trouble remembering that stage. It's all a blur now AND they are almost 10, but if I can give any assistance... I'll try. ;)

~♥Little Miss - posted on 10/30/2011




It is never to early for a scheduale, especially if you have multiple children.

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