Twin Pregancy 1 Heartbeat ?

Reshma - posted on 11/15/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am about 9 weeks pregnant and found out I am having twins. I had an ultrasound done vaginally and baby one's heart beat was detected, baby two's heart rate was not. I am worried baby two will not make it. They told me that baby one is about 8 weeks 3days, and baby two is 8 weeks 1 day...Is there any hope for baby two?! I hope other moms out there have a survival story to share about this please and thank you!


Lola - posted on 11/15/2012




This happened to my sister! She had been told she was pregnant with twins and then when she went for an ultrasound vaginally she was told that baby ones heart beat was there but they couldn't see baby twos one was apparently 9 months 4 days I think it was and baby twos was 9 weeks straight.She came home crying and was so worried and she went to many different docs and had maypny tests etc and they found that baby 2 was alive she was just smaller than baby 1 long story short my sister now has beautiful twins one boy one girl that are happy and healthy and 2 years old that are proud new big brother and sisters! Don't worry until you have anything about baby to in black and White only bad outcome is my niece is shorter and skinnier than my nephew and she had to spend 3 days extra in the NICU Stay positive and keep your head up much respect to ultrasound techs but there not perfect and they make mistakes!

Good luck wish you and BOTH babies all the best!!!

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