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Miriam - posted on 04/20/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have 15 month old healthy twin boys. I do not believe in CIO, my boys have NEVER slept through the night!! to make a long story short let me just say they used to sleep in their room each in a crib and we had to move them to the bed with us so now they share a bed with us and still wake at least 2-3 times each.. they still drink milk in a bottle, but no not fall asleep with it (they do want it at night when they wake) tried water doesnt work they wake up again and again crying till they get the milk!! now my question is of course what can I do (NOT CIO) to help them sleep through the night, but I also want to put them back in their room, probably in a king size bed (for both) instead of cribs, I think they will enjoy that better.. how can I transition them and get them to sleep all night without being up every couple hours?

any advice other than let them cry will be appreciated...
thank you ladies!!


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Miriam - posted on 04/23/2012




Pnina, thanks for the advice, we do have a routine have had it for quite a few months. I not only feel bad as a mother with CIO, but there have also been studies done that show how CIO makes kids less independent and causes problems with ADD, ADHAD and other learning dissabilities (not all kids of course) so as a teacher I have seen too much of this, (I also just graduated with my masters in counseling and learned about the affects of that as well....
I hear you though, Im ok with crying a couple of minutes, but not 1/2 an hour or more...
How old are your babies?

Pnina - posted on 04/23/2012




First of all take what I say with a grain of salt b/c though I started out firmly against CIO I had to switch b/c it was all that worked for us in the end (though I did a modified CIO)

I have twins B/G the first thing we did that made a massive difference at night was putting them in different rooms. We found that our son was waking his sister up and then dealing with both kids was so much harder then if only one had woken up. So they now sleep in different rooms with sound machines in each room and that fixed my daughter's issue now she sleeps through almost every night thank G-d! My son has a much harder time sleeping through the night, though now we have it down to a pretty good science.

In the begining I used to rock/nurse them to sleep and thats what I had to do in the middle of the night (or just rock no feeding would work also sometimes in the middle of the night) but it was torture to keep waking and it took 30-45min to get them back to sleep, one would wake the other also or my walking in the room would wake the other as I said above.

When I decided I was going to end up in a mental hospital (literally I'm not exaggerating, my twins were born at 24weeks and I'd been going none stop till that point (I think they were 18months when I realized a nervous breakdown was eminent)) I realized I needed to make some changes. So the first thing we did was start with a bedtime routine. For us it looked like this though you'd need to tailor it to your needs: we got the kids in PJ's (and now have add'd potty before pj's) they both sit on my lap on the rocker in my daughters room and we sing our nightly prayers, then I sing them a song and put my son on the rocker and tuck my daughter in (with her dolls and blanky and I have to actually tuck her in saying tuck tuck tuck if I dont she gets upset LOL) I then walk out, she whimpers for less then 30 seconds and is asleep. the first time we did it I had to let her cry for 5min went back in tucked her in again, she cried for another 3-4min and then was asleep for the whole night!

I then take my son into his room he is attached to many things in his crib so we name each thing, then he takes a drink and lays down I tuck him in and walk out her crys for anywhere from 30seconds-5min but I'm talking cry cry! if he is still crying after 5min I go back in and tuck him back in and that normally does it but I should warn you the first few times were torture for both of us! He cried for 1.5hrs the first time (we set the timer and woudl go in every 3min) the next night was 1/2 hr and it stayed that way for a bit longer till he realized that he had to go to sleep. most nights now he only crys for 30seconds and many nights he does not even cry at all!

I hope others have better solutions for you then CIO I'm just telling you I could nto figure it out (though the routine did help a bit but had I not finally broken down and let them cry I think I'd still be dealing with issues.) I really was so strongly against CIO but had to take that step for my mental health (imagine how much more issues they would have had had i been hospitalized!)
Hope this helps alittle and GOOD LUCK! twins are hard work but they get more and more fun as they get older (mine are now almost 3)

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