Twin Toddlers are beyond demanding

Kathy - posted on 04/17/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My girls are turning 2 next week and they are adorable but so so frustrating and demanding! I m an older Mom and not only are they physically demanding they are entering into crazy trandrum stage! I love them both but raising 2 at the same time is many time unmanageable and depressing! Have I mentioned I am also a single Mom??? When does it get easier? Hate the Moms who say 3 is worse than the terrible twos! Help!


Natalie - posted on 04/17/2014




I'm a single mom of four boys....don't technically have twins but my oldest boys are 13 months apart, does that count??? No I didn't think so. lol The only advice I can give you is to take it one thing, one day, at a time. If I sat and thought about everything I have to get done each day I'd be so overwhelmed I just wouldn't get out of bed but I try to (generally speaking) not burden myself with thinking too far ahead.

As far as being physically demanding remember that our job as mothers is to raise responsible adults someday...not to spend every waking minute entertaining them. Don't get me wrong I will play with my kids but when they ask me to play a game that is particularly taxing (tag, running race, jump rope etc) I smile and say...that's why I gave you brothers - play with each other :D No shame in that.

One last thing: I think that we are fed so much propaganda about what motherhood is "supposed" to look like and feel like and most of it is flat out wrong. We are supposed to enjoy them while they are little and cherish each moment. The hardest year of my life was when I was a stay at home mom of a newborn and a one year old.

The reality is that taking care of very young children has it's rewards- yes - but the daily grind of looking after young lives is exhausting and depleting. There are no breaks or days off, and even when we do work outside the home the mental aspect of things to be done and worries is ever present.

I believe that we get the gift of grandchildren because we were so busy keeping the plates spinning while we were raising our own kids that grandkids give us the opportunity to slow down and really cherish the moment.

Now to answer your question...when does it get easier? Well I have a 7 yr old, a 6 yr old, a 4 yr old and a 6 month old and even if I had stopped at the first one I can't say it gets any easier. It gets different! Each stage has its own struggles.Just trying to keep up with my older boys school schedule is a full time job and there are days I forget the tears of frustration that were shed over lost blankies and potty accidents. I sometimes long for the days when my biggest problem was that my boys always fought over who had more (milk, applesauce WHATEVER) The older they get the less they absolutely depend on you for everything and while that sounds like an amazing freedom when you are wrangling toddlers and just want to go poop one time by's a whole different story when your 7 yr old says in his most grown up voice "Mom can you please not walk me in when you drop me off at school? It's just not cool, but I still love you." You want them to grow up but then they do and it sort of breaks your heart.

You hang in there and just TRY to enjoy the journey and on the days you just can't...allow yourself to be human and remember, for good or for bad - this too shall pass.

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