Twin Trouble?

Jackie - posted on 04/18/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello I'm in need of some advice,

I have twin boys Angelo and Marcus who are eleven and in the fifth grade. I've noticed from the time that they were young Angelo was more of the soft spoken one, very quiet and shy and if you don't pay him any attention it's like he's not even there. Marcus on the other hand is the complete opposite and he's very protective over his twin but has lately grown distant wanting to be more of his own person.

As the school year is heading to a close in a few months I'm very concerned about middle school for my youngest twin. I tried separating the twins all throughout elementary but they still found away to be around each other during lunch recess or just whenever they were allowed and its to the point Angelo will grow very upset if Marcus sleeps over at a friends home and he's not involved. I guess he feels left out and jealous, he won't talk to me about it though.

I don't see him growing out of it any time soon and I want my sons to be individuals. I'm a bit scared that as they grow older Marcus will want some distance to do his own thing and it will absolutely crush Angelo.

I was wondering if any moms out there who have had any similar problems with twins or even single children? My husband and I were told by his teacher that maybe we should get him a therapist if he's not comfortable talking with us and I just wanted to have some more feed back before making an appointment.

Should I be worried?

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