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Hi I have twin girls they are 7 years old I also have a 11 year old girl 16 year old Son 18 year old Son. I am very worried because1 of my my twin girls has boobies. She us 7 I call them little chicken bnuggets told her no more McDonald's because idk what to Destiny her sister who is 5 minutes younger is very Flatt. Rib cage Flatt so I do believe that's what a 7 year old should be I'm worried something is wrong w her but she gets so mad cause her doctor is a boy. She don't want him to see her boobies. My11 year old didn't develop that early tho now she is a 34 B and started her period at age 10 which shocked me but I guess that's my next post! I just wanna knw if it's normal and should I make her go to the doctor even tho she's embarrassed? What should I say to her I bought her hello Kitty training bras because u can see her boobies poke through her clothes


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Find her a female doctor. Every kid develops at different rates, even twins.

I have no idea what your reference to Mcdonalds is about though.

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