two and not talking

Charmaine Faye - posted on 12/15/2010 ( 19 moms have responded )




my son will be twoat the end of next month. and hes still not talking. all the other kids is age are saying quite aot of words. he says mom, dad, whats that? and bye... should i be concerned?? how do i incourage him to talk.??


Britany - posted on 12/18/2010




My son wasn't saying much at 2 but then all of a sudden one day he was speaking full sentences. Does he point to things or try to communitcate in other ways? My son did baby sign language and then made up his own signs. If he is not trying to communicate at all that could be a sign of autism. If he is trying to communicate give it time. Boys develop later than girls. Girls talk sooner. That is because talking is a fine motor skill and girls tend to have better fine motor skills (that is why girls handwriting is usually better) If he is pointing or communicating in other ways I would not worry. It will come. If he is not communicating at all go see your doctor. There are many early intervention tools out there.

Isabella - posted on 12/17/2010




Ok don't worry, I am telling you I've heard this umpteen times! Everyone freaks us out including the doctors. Now I'm not saying don't listen to your doctor but everyone know us moms and in my case a montessori school owner and a mom of 3 we know a little something. Your child is going to wake up one day and start talking in complete sentences and just freak you out. Keep talking to him normally like he understands everything don't force a response but let him know that you know he is intelligent. He is simply absorbing everything from his environment so teach him and continue to do everything like normal. I have had atleast 2 children a year in my school like this, around 3 or sometimes 3 1/2 they just start talking like they had never stopped. No one really knows why. If it makes you feel better do all the things your doc is telling you to do as far as teaching words but remember don't worry. Worry will pass on to your child. It is normal and too much emphasis is put on how many words a child needs to be saying by a certain time. They are all unique. I have a great phonic video that I give my parents at my school that gives the kids a jump on letter sounds even the ones not talking. Check it out its on youtube.. I hope it helps.


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Robin - posted on 12/17/2010




You are fine, We have 9 children and everyone talks whenthey are ready.reading helps alot and talking to your child about the story you just read is a great place to start.

[deleted account]

Hi my son now 5years also was like that and after 3 he just got the hang of words and so on. My little girl now 22 months babbles a lot sometimes you just don’t understand. Although both of them did an does not speak all the words they should at least they babble a lot and sometime it does not stop. my doctor told me that I should not wary to much because kids are deferent in development and my son got it right so I going to give my daughter also some time. The doctor did say if I worry to match he will help me by referring me to a speech doctor. Hope it helps.

Angie - posted on 12/17/2010




My 17 year old son was the same way. I kept telling the doctor that I thought he had a hearing loss. We moved from a small town in Colorado to St. Louis and finally, a doctor listened to. My son did have a hearing loss. We had tubes put in his ears and his speech improved dramatically with a little help from a speech therapist - he was 4 by this time. Now he has a moderate hearing loss in his right ear caused by a malformed bone in her ear. We don't know if it happened because of his untreated infections (he never got a fever and has a freakishly high threshold of pain), by the surgery to put tubes in his ear, or if he was born that way. Take him to an ENT and see if there is a hearing loss and what can be done to help him.

Muriah - posted on 12/17/2010




My son is 22 months old and says ma, da and what's that also. Oh yeah, and woody woody woody. My other two were talking quite a bit at 1. I admit that I am a bit concerned at this point. Not to mention frustrated. I find that I keep making excuses for him to other people when they ask. He has reached all other milestones far before he was suppose to. I had his hearing checked and it is fine. I'm just gonna keep working with him and hope that one day he wakes up and won't stop talking!!!! It will happen, I just have to be patient.

Kim - posted on 12/15/2010




My daughter just turned 2 and uses too many words to count, but when my son was 2 he barely spoke at all. I would contact your sons doctor. My son was evaluated for speech therapy. He was normal for his receptive speech but his expressive speech was below normal. He received early intervention services and now that he is four he is still receiving speech services.

Katherine - posted on 12/15/2010




According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, at 1 to 2 years of age, children should:

* Say more words every month.
* Use some one- or two- word questions ("Where kitty?" "Go bye-bye?" "What's that?").
* Put two words together ("more cookie," "no juice," "mommy book").
* Use many different consonant sounds at the beginning of words.

They also have a number of things you can do to help your granddaughter improve her speech development now and when she's older.

One of the things they recommend is that you ask open ended questions instead of yes / no questions:

"For example, rather than asking, 'Do you want milk? Do you want water?', ask, 'Would you like a glass of milk or water?' Be sure to wait for the answer, and reinforce successful communication: 'Thank you for telling mommy what you want. Mommy will get you a glass of milk.' "

This addresses something that I see many parents and other caregivers do. It's so easy with everything we have going on in our lives. We get busy and maybe we're making breakfast in a rush and we just want to get the job done. We don't always leave room for lengthy verbal interactions. We also may not be in the habit of offering choices to our toddlers because they've been so dependent on us to make every decision for them since infancy. (If this sounds like you, start offering choices and you'll see much more than just language development taking place. You'll often see a reduction in behaviors like saying "No" and temper tantrums.)

Another similar issue I've seen many times is where children with older siblings and children of parents who practice attachment parenting speak later. Sometimes an older sibling does all the talking for a younger one and a parent who knows a child’s cues often meets the child's needs before there is any verbal notification from the child. In either case, however, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Those children are still communicating and learning and as they get older you’d never know they spoke less or later. Still, you can use the ASHA tips to help improve your granddaughter's language skills.

So, to sum up, right now I wouldn't worry about your granddaughter having a delay. If she is closing in on turning 3 years old and you've been working with her in the ways mentioned above but she still hasn't added new words or started putting words together, then you should talk with your pediatrician or seek the advice of a professional speech language pathologist.

Jen - posted on 12/15/2010




my son turned two on the 23rd of november and he can mom n grandad nana but he calls every one mom at the moment he also says doggie but cant pronounce it propely he says i dont like it or its nice to things. he can say kerwhizz n dvd he says please but says it as messze n thank you is na na he says yes n no he says juice n crisps he will point at a certain place if he wants candy. i play a game with him n look out the window i will say wheres the tree wheres the twikle lights n he will say there n then gets ahigh five n he gets all excited. if we am reading books n he sees a star he will close his hand n open it as its twikling n then points up to the cealing to say star in the sky n the rest he just babbles he only started reading book to himself so his babbles n points alot n i will say yes its santa lets tickle santa beard n he will say tickle n start tickling santa beard in the book. also my son is only starting to use his imagation he has a wall in the livng room where he will run back n forth n give everybody ice cream n he will try to feed you some its all about playing along. my son will have his speach check up after xmas so ill find out then hows he doing myself am alittle worried because he isnt saying words right he says them in his own way n he cant count doesnt know any abc doesnt know his colours but if i say pass me the blue duck he will get the right one so he does know even if he cant say. flash cards are very good too.

Julie - posted on 12/15/2010




You should absolutely be concerned and get a referral to have his hearing and speech evaluated ASAP. He may turn out to be fine, but if he has any issues, the sooner they are addressed, the better for him!

Margaret - posted on 12/15/2010




Yes and don't worry...they usually all catch up anyway. He will probably be president or a surgeon some day.

Danielle - posted on 12/15/2010




I wouldn't worry too much just yet. He just might not be ready to talk. My cousin was worried about his daughter not talking because mine was and they are the same age (7 days apart) and he was worried for nothing because she could she just chose not to. Some kids are that way.

Margaret - posted on 12/15/2010




Is he doing other things? Like concentrating on potty training? Sometimes if they are trying to do other things they will only concentrate on that one thing. Like others have said, if you are concerned, then talk to your Dr.

My children always talked early & my 27 month old grand daughter was talking in sentences at the age of 15 months old, but I spend a lot of time every day reading to her, ( at her desire to) plus she knows her alphabet and counts to 15, knows where she lives and a few other things that most 27 month old's don't know, oh, and she knows who the president is, not that we voted for him. :)

Carla - posted on 12/15/2010




I had a similar problem. I pointed things out and said what they were. Read a lot of books. Sang songs seemed to help because he tried to repeat sometimes.I would try to get him to tell me what things were when he wanted something. Tried getting him around more kids that talked. Then a few months later he said a few more words then he didnt say anything new until he was a little over 2 1/2 then all of the sudden he started saying more and more. He will be three in feb. he is still a little behind as far as his speak goes but it is a lot better then it was. I hope this helps. Try not to get frustrated. Boys are very stubborn. He will talk when he wants to.

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My daughter is 19 months old, and she mostly babbles and not much are in proper words except Mama, Dada, teddy, doggie, bear etc. Children will use the words that they need to, and ones that they hear. I talk to my daughter everyday all the time, and I am not worried one bit about her delay in talking full sentences. Children are all different and will all learn things at different paces. Same goes for potty training etc. But, if you are really worried and if you think that something is actually 'preventing' your son from talking, then you could try a doctor.

My personal opinion would be to keep talking to him, (actually face to face, not from across the room or something) and he will eventually get there. Oh and kids like to copy and repeat noises or actions, so maybe try some of that if you don't already? Like when you hand him something or if he points at something, tell him what it is repetitively. ^-^ I wouldn't worry too much, but I hope I was some help. :3

Megan - posted on 12/15/2010




MY son is 19 months and can not speack. He has a condition called infantile spasms though. There are programs such as Rainbows in Kansas that can evaluate children for free and give them therapy to help in areas that children are developmentally behind in. We have our son in it and it does help!

Sabra - posted on 12/15/2010




If your concerned talk to your doctor.

Sometimes children wont talk if they find they don't need to. As parents we know what our kids want through body language and such so we let them get away with not talking. My daughter is 14 months old and I try to make her say some words if she wants something. If she wants a snack I dont give her one until she says (or at least tries) to say snack(or whatever snack I am giving her). Anything she wants she needs to use her words for.

Another thing is talk to your son a lot and try and have him copy what you are saying. Make sure to praise him for saying things (or at least trying) otherwise he will see no need in talking

Keshia - posted on 12/15/2010




wow I think I would be worried my son is 16 months and started saying a few words by a year and now he can say about 20 different ones I try to teach him as much as possible alot of times he points to things so I will say what it is maybe you should ask his doctor he could be not hearing as good as he should or something else could be going on he might need to see a speech specialist I had a brother who couldnt talk when he started school and he had to take a speech class but after a few months he was normal

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