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Tia - posted on 09/18/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey Everyone.... I am new to Circle of Moms, but it looks like a great website. I came here for help because I just found out today that I am expecting my second child. I have a 12 month old daughter and she is nothing but joy however, i am really scared about another one. Beside all this is am a stay home mom who is trying to finish her degree in child psychology.How will i manage them and school and home and a husband....? OMG... Any tips? thanks for your answers in advance.....


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Tara - posted on 09/18/2011




I got pregnant with my 2nd girl when my first was 9 months old so pretty much a similar situation. I totally agree with Sam's advice - the first 18 months are going to be hard (I just got past that stage myself lol) but taking help when it is offered is a big one. Schedules are another big one - we kept the same sleep schedule for my older girl as she had before the new baby and that seemed to help a lot.

Also, since your daughter will be a little closer to 2 when you have your second one, get her involved with little things to do with the baby once you have him/her. My daughter absolutely loved to "help" Mama by getting a burp cloth or a diaper, etc. and it helped cut down on any jealousy issues.

Sam - posted on 09/18/2011




hi there, i fell pregnant with number two when my son was 6months old. they are now 5 and 6 and the best of friends.

i will say the first 18months were extremely difficult, all you will be doing is feeding, burping, settling and changing diapers! and still expected to clean the house and cook meals! the only thing i can suggest to you is to accept ANY help that is offered to you (from ppl you trust of course)

the help and support of these people you will find invaluable. even if its only an offer to mind the babies so you can shower and wash your hair! its important to take whatever time you can for you (even if its only two minutes a day) it really makes a difference.

everything will be fine. you have done this before and you can do it again. everything will fall into place. it would be a good idea to get your daughter used to the idea of having a brother or sister too. we are strong and capable and i believe we are only given what we can handle.

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