Two year old daughter will NOT Listen until I yell

Bia - posted on 07/05/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a single mom for 4 months now. It has been the worst time for me...that feeling of having a broken family for my young child has me devastated. Rest of the family is useless. I have been trying so hard to be as positive as possible, and a loving and kind mom. However, it has started to be a big struggle to get my child to listen. Sometimes she will just run and jump on the sofa and she can fall down. She had before, and she will not listen if I tell her to stop. Even to change a diaper she wont agree and runs away. I have to chase her. Try to hold her down and she fights. All I am left to do is yell...and I mean yelling as loud as possible. Sometimes she laughs at me. Other times she cries and I really feel so bad for doing that. I never want to yell....I am not that kind of person. And I do not want her to start hating me. I want to have a positive relationship but I know that I will have to stop this yelling. I do not do it everyday, only once in a while, but I hate myself for doing it. But how can I convince a 2 year old to even listen ? I tried suggestions like distraction, or kneeling down to her height to talk to her...but that theory never works. Only advise from single moms please.


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Michelle - posted on 07/05/2015




They don't call them the "terrible two's" for nothing.
At this age they are trying to find out how far they can push you and she's doing a great job. Some kids will just try and push your buttons all the time though.
I am a yeller as well, sometimes that's the only way to get their attention. At least you haven't resorted to spanking.
You just need to be consistent and she will eventually realize that it's easier to do what you say.

Dove - posted on 07/05/2015




You make her listen.... She is jumping on the couch? Tell her once to stop and if she doesn't... go to her and remove her from the couch. If she runs away naked when you are changing her diaper... just go and get her calmly. If she wants to fight you on wearing a diaper... maybe she is ready to try potty training.

Now... 'I' am a yeller, but if you want to stop... you just have to make yourself do it. Stop yourself and THINK about what she is doing and what you can do to change it... even if you've done that same thing a million times already (like removing her from the couch).

Oh... and don't try to 'reason' w/ a 2 year old. You will never win that one. lol

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