Two year old does not sleep through the night

Kimberly - posted on 05/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I spoiled my daughter bad when she was born and had her sleeping with me. I was breast feeding and it was so convenient. I have been trying to break her and get her to sleep in her own bed, even got her a new toddler bed. Some nights I can get her to go to sleep in her room and others I can take her to bed when she falls asleep, but she still wakes up during the night and comes crying to me. Even when she does sleep with us all night, she still wakes up. Any advice on how I can fix this problem for good? Not real sure what wakes her up, thinking it's nightmares, but she starts screaming for juice and won't stop until she gets it. We are potty training too so I don't want to give her drinks in the middle of the night. And her daddy and I really need our space in our bed. Trying to sleep with a toddler is becoming impossible. Neither of us are getting enough rest.


Erika Dias - posted on 05/08/2013




Hi Kimberly, well my son always slept on his own bed since birth. So I might not be the real expert about it, and my son is just a 20 months old and he sleeps by himself in the room the whole night. But I would try to have her in a routine such as dinner, bath, bottle and bed, of course on her bedroom. If u have some kind of music playing in the room leave playing the whole night, also read with her before she sleeps, put her in bed and tell her that now you will read a story and then it is night night time. Probably she is just kind hungry I am not sure how much she eats, because I would recommend to you just right after dinner do everything else that I mentioned above. Hopefully theses things will help. :) Good luck!

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