Two year old mood swings

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My lilone is a very active and vocal 2 1/2 year old shes always been outgoing. She is an only child but by no means spoiled. Problem lately is the no listing to anything. Ive done time outs which only work if i put her in her room and close the door. There is no calming her down. And the tantrum comes outta nowhere.She has a problem with stopping the fun when its time to eat,nap,potty,anything she dosnt want to do.She runs away from me in stores,parking lots,at home when i call her everything is a big joke to her. Cant even change her diaper w/o a fight. She started all this at 16 mths so please no welcome to the terrible twos.Iwould like some suggestions cause the only thing that works is putting her in her room for her time outs.


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My daughter is almost 2.5 too. She throws tantrums-I ignore her. Plain and simple. The running away thing hmmmm......

I always bring my daughter a snack and drink when we go to the store. I also let her help me put things in the cart. She does very well with that.

Running in parking lots...I taught my daughter, and so did her older sister how dangerous cars are. So now every time she sees one she stops. Not really sure how to incorporate that one.
I do the EXACT same thing as Herna with the bathroom, and my daughter loves it.
We sing the clean up song to clean up, the toothbrush song to brush our teeth, which I made up and she loves the songs and attention that way.

Maybe if you don't get so frustrated she won't act up as much? I notice the more mad I get, the worse my daughter behaves.

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Your two-year-old sounds just like MY two-year-old! LOL! Definitely know that you're not alone and that there are definitely strategies you can use without having to put her on timeouts all the time. September had some great suggestions about reading up on some positive strategies.

What we found is that making everything in to a fun exciting game seems to work for our 2 1/2 year old daughter. For example, when it's time to go to the potty, we say something like "hey look! it's time for all of us to go to the potty! let's race there!" And we all race to potty to see who gets there first. Obviously, we always let her win, but it's worked quite well for us! We try to make things fun and exciting because that's the attitude we'll receive from her in return. We found that when we told her what to do all the time in a stern way, she would always rebel back in a negative way. Doesn't always work 100% of the time, but it does work most of the time and has kept time-outs to a minimum.

Wishing you much patience and luck! :)

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No I think it's more like welcome to the toddler years! Personally I hate the term terrible two’s or three’s or whatever they are called. I would suggest that you invest in some parenting books that can provide you with some helpful tools. I've found that Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood has made the toddlers years heavenly for me, my husband and our son. Another good one is Kids are Worth it. I think what's most important is nailing down the tools that work for your toddler. It does take time and work to figure it out but once you're there the tantrums are super easy to control, well most times anyhow. I'm sure we all still have those really challenging days. We've found what works best for our son is offering choices and one on one talk's however every toddler is different and some tools that work for some may not work for others. You may have to try several avenues before finding what works best for your child. Good luck!

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My 2 in a half year old has the worst tantrums i have ever seen.. He throws stuff and slams himself against walls and kicks and screams at you. Nothing I do works. I don't give him into him when he throws them and most of the time i can ignore them but sometimes they become too much and I wish someone would give me some help and advice on it too.. My daughter now 4 was an awesome 2 year old. And now my son throws me for a whirlwind.

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My kids are only good in public. Hence why I never stay home if I want to not go insane.

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Sounds like my 2.5yo too!! I use positive behaviour techniques with her, and sometimes even they don't work. She can be an angel one minute (and funnily enough is usually perfect when out in public), and the second I tell her 'no' she turns into a beast. I have days where she tantrums over EVERY SINGLE THING. That was yesterday.

I am educated on developmental stages. I am conscious of consistency, and put a huge amount of effort into using positive reinforcement. But sometimes all I can do is ride it out, and try not to cry lol.

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There are quite a few methods of dealing with these seemingly impossible behaviours. But with whatever method you choose. Consistancy and patience is the key and a little bit of ummm... damage control? :)

We have an awesome community on here that offers support and advice on discipline we'd love to have you:

Here is some general advice I wrote about making the most out of tenacious twos and threes.

If you'd like additional information on anything I talked about there. Feel free to ask in that post. There are plenty of really insightful women there with expertise in discipline.

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I suggest reading Toddler Taming by Christopher Green. Or some other book but personally I found his book fantastic for explaining what's going on.

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